Norpro Meat Grinder Review [ A Must-Have product For Your Kitchen ]

Chopping and slicing meat with a knife are almost impossible for busy persons. Because of time shortages nowadays, everyone is choosing something easy and time-saving instruments. Only chopping meat has become old. Now people want to make dishes in a very short time and with less effort. Norpro meat grinder review also can help you in this case.

Norpro manufacturer knows the fact very well. That’s why, from 1973, Norpro is in a continuous process to invent attractive and high-quality kitchenware. It’s CEO, Mr. Gunnar Lie, committed himself to satisfy NOrpro’s customer with the highest caliber Meat Grinder. Norpro wants to save its consumers from any toil and supply them with the best service.

Let’s started, Norpro meat grinder review

Why Choose Norpro?

There is a good deal of meat grinder/mincer available in the market. Then why to choose Norpro? Well, a renowned brand, Norpro, has some extra-ordinary settlement and dedication to its customers. Since its origin, it has never convinced the brand in case of customer satisfaction. Here is some of its exceptional commitment to its supporters.

  • It has always pleased its consumers by appearing products with unique and mind-blowing designs.
  • Norpro has a reliable manufacturer caliber kitchenware.
  • Customers have never complained about its delivery. 
  • Norpro’s business motif is to overwhelm its customers with the best quality out of their budget.
  • Norpro is an international brand and supplies its products in every part of this world.
  • Unlike other companies, Norpro always has an eye on the latest technology and invention.
  • Its manufacturer takes a survey of its customers throughout the world and according to consumers’ satisfaction, and demand Norpro invents its products
  • One of its greatest quality is to surprise its fan with new technology products.
  • People around the world love to use their products like bakeware, cookware, coffee, and tea maker, moreover slicer, dicer, chopper & grater.

Who Needs This Norpro Meat Grinder

Norpro Meat Grinder is for smart people. Why? Because it is not only just a meat grinder but also it is just like a superman for every homemaker. 

Norpro meat grinder provides equal satisfactory service of grinding or mincing meat, fish, and even makes pasta. So, a customer, what his/her profession and need are, Norpro meat grinder is always out there to satisfy.

A professional cook or any person who wants to make pasta in his/her home needs it. Norpro meat grinder can make various types of Italian pasta with the help of its three kinds of pasta attachment blades. 

Any home-maker mom can prepare baby food with the help of its fine-textured, coarse, and steel made plates.

Features of Norpro meat grinder

  • The very first mincer which incorporates so many tasks at a time.
  • Provides facilities such as mincing, chopping, vegetable and meat grinding, etc.
  • We consider it an ideal machine to shape meats, nuts, beans, and even vegetables.
  • It has two screens to give its consumers a professional experience.
  • It has two screens, and they are- excellent mining and coarse mining plate.
  • With the help of its coarse mining plate, you can make the best fresh ground beef.
  • With the help of a coarse mining plate, one can have the taste of homemade fresh beef burgers.
  • You can chop any kind of meat and bread with the help of Norpro meat mincer and have the taste of homemade meatball.
  • The very extra-ordinary feature of this grinder is, you can also make sausage with the special sausage tool attached to it.
  • It solves the problem of buying various kinds of grinder for different items.
  • With one Norpro grinder, one can successfully grind chicken, fish, London broil, turkey, pork, venison, and even more.
  • With the help of this grinder, its consumers can make five different pasta, just like the professional.
  • With the help of special pasta maker equipment, professionally branded pasta is at Home. Penne, Spaghetti, Fettuccine/ Tagliatelle, and Fusilli/Spiral are the five popular kinds of pasta that anyone can make with the help of Norpro meat grinder.
  • It also includes a stainless steel made blades and a sausage funnel.
  • To allow smooth and polish countertop, it also includes a locking key and a suction base.
  • To help any new customer and suggest them with new advanced equipment, it has launched a booklet and recipe book.

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  • It’s too easy to use, with no complicated rules to follow.
  • Performs three tasks for doing cooking easy.
  • It is a very suitable size of 8 x 5 x 5 inches.
  • It is very lightweight, only 1.95 pounds.
  • Its shipping weight is also very low, at only 2.7 pounds.
  • It helps to make five kinds of Italian pasta.
  • A booklet attached to the item delivery ensures safe and perfect use.
  • Except for meat, there is the facility to grind and mince nuts, beans, and vegetables.
  • Great for making sausages. 
  • It is very easy to use and clean.
  • Maintaining the product was always so easy to assemble.
  • It not only works great but also attracts its customers.
  • It has a beautiful design and appearance.
  • Crushing, grinding, breaking all can perform this one machine, Norpro meat grinder.


  • It has got a 3.3-star review out of 5 stars.
  • New arrival Norpro grinder is not better than the old one.
  • It’s not that useful for high-fat meat.
  • It can’t chop hard materials.


Frequently Asked Questions

1.      Can I use the suction on the counter?

             Yes, it does excellent work.

2.      Can this grinder cook meat?

            Yes, a low-fat chicken will grind easily.

3.      Is there some grinding available for any kind of meat?

            We can assure you of getting an amazing grind low-fat meat like a chicken.

4.      Can I grind meat with a bone?

            No, you must have to input boneless meat.

5.      Can I grind vegetables with this meat grinder?

            Yes, you can check what vegetables can be easily ground with this meat grinder.

6.      What is its size?

            It is 6-7 inches tall and 4-inch circular base.

7.      Can it grind any hard item?

             No, the manufacturer only suggests using soft products to grind.

8.      Can I make sausage with this?

            Yes, it has attached a sausage tool to produce sausage quickly.

9.      Can I use it to make cookies?

            No, as it is only for meat, vegetable, and pasta making.

10.  What type of pasta can I produce with the help of this machine?

            You can make Italian pasta like spaghetti, Penne, Fettuccine/ Tagliatelle, and Fusilli/Spiral.

11.  Where Can I get the latest Norpro meat grinder?

             You can easily do an online order from

Final Verdict

What else do a homemaker needs, whereas Norpro meat grinder can easily do very great works. Although being only a meat grinder, it has come up with very praiseworthy facilities for all types of people. We will not say that every meat grinder product of this Norpro brand is excellent. The reason behind some customer’s dissatisfaction is that, because of shipment, maybe some grinder gets some shortcomings, but this one works great. 

Norpro brand has very first discovered and launched in the market, the multi-talented grinder. This genius grinder can make for your professional pasta, which you have to buy from a super shop. Any pasta lover can’t help buying it. 

Children can enjoy bread creams and meatball with the help of it. Where chopping and grinding meat, even vegetables, were too time-consuming for a busy mother, now Norpro meat mincer has saved their huge time. So, for any busy mommy, this grinder is a must product to purchase.

So, obviously, we can claim that though having a few shortcomings, this grinder is worth buying


Buying tips for Norpro Meat Grinder

Buying Tips

As we have discussed every detail regarding Norpro meat grinder, now it’s our duty to help you buy it. Though Norpro meat grinder is a money value product, you need to follow some tips while purchasing it. These simple tricks and tips will help from any kind of fraud and ensure your satisfactory shopping.

  • For trusted shopping, choose, which is the largest online store in the world. They will provide you a hassle-free experience.
  • The approximate measurements of the grinder are 7’’ x 4.75’’ x 4’’/18cm x 12cm x 10cm, so check while buying it.
  • The grinder has two screens- fine and coarse, so make sure your product has the same.
  • Check the packaging if there is the symbol of its manufacturer reference (NP 151), then it is the original product.
  • The famous company Norpro has made the grinder, so check the logo while receiving the product.
  • It’s one the best way to check the weight of the parcel to identify the real product. The product weighs 1.95 pounds, and its shipment weight is 2.7 pounds.

Norpro Meat Grinder Review [ A Must Have Product For Your Kitchen ]

In this article we discussed about Norpro meat grinder review and how it work also as a mincer and pasta maker perfectly.

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