Manual Vs. Electric Meat Grinders- Which One Worthy?

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Are you thinking of buying a meat grinder but confused about whether you should go for the manual or the electric grinder? Does the decision seem confusing? If you are confused, then it’s okay, as many like you find it difficult to choose between them.

But, look no further. In this article, we’ll detail everything regarding manual vs electric meat grinder and make sure to find you the best choice for your meat grinding experience. So, read on to find out which one you should buy for your needs.


What Is a Meat Grinder?

A meat grinder is a kitchen appliance used for mincing or cutting down meat, fish, vegetables, and similar type of foods.


Types of Meat Grinder

Generally, there are two types of meat grinders-

  • Manual meat grinder
  • Electric meat grinder

Some custom meat grinders are accessible both manually and automatically. But these types of grinders are still in trial or used only for experimental purposes.


Manual Meat Grinder

Manual meat grinders are the classic and more traditional grinders out there. It has a simple design and performs solely upon the user’s strengths and pressure.

They use a sort of crank or spinning wheel that you can hold with your hand. By rotating the wheel clockwise, you can grind the meat. You don’t need any sort of batteries or power to use them.

As they don’t use any motors, and the exterior is on the lighter side compared to their electrical counterpart, manual meat grinders are more preferable for home cooks or chefs on the go.


Advantages of Manual Meat Grinder

The simplicity that comes with manual meat grinders is the biggest advantage of using them. Here’s a list of advantages that can be noticed while using a manual meat grinder;

  • Affordability

Has an affordable price range. Also saves electricity bills.

  • Functionality

Requires no power other than manual labor.

  • Longevity

Faces fewer functional issues and lasts longer.

  • Maintenance

Easier to clean and assemble for its simple yet effective design. Also, it is easy to repair.

  • Mobility

Lighter in weight and can be used anywhere without much hassle.

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Electric Meat Grinder

Electric meat grinders are powered through electricity and don’t require any manual labor. They have complex designs and various functions &modifications to give you better choices and faster deliveries.

Motors are used to work through the entire mincing process. Depending on the type of grinder, the motor can be powered by batteries or a direct electrical connection. Although, the latter is seen most of the time. Due to their complex design and various motors &blade types, electric meat grinders are quite heavy and bulky. But the battery-powered ones are more compact.


Advantages of Electric Meat Grinder

For a fast and smooth meat grinding experience, there’s no better option than an electric meat grinder. Here’s why;

  • Motor Powered

As the grinder is completely powered by a motor, it doesn’t need any manual inputs.

  • Powerful

Has no restrictions and can cut through bones, fats, meats at ease in a uniform structure.

  • Safe

Provides more sanitary options and has almost zero chance to cause an incident.

  • Fast

Faster than manual grinders. Saves a lot of time.

  • Non-Dependent

Doesn’t depend on any sort of environmental dependencies.


Manual Vs Electric Meat Grinder- A Feature-By-Feature Comparison

Now that we have taken a deep insight into the two types of meat grinders, we can already spot the key features that set them apart- the grinding process. Let’s take a more in-depth look into the meat grinders.

Grinding Process

The manual meat grinder requires physical labor and finesse to operate perfectly. By comparison, this process is very slow and requires more focus than any normal task.

On the other hand, the electrical meat grinder’s grinding process is simple and fast-paced. Any sort of previous experience is not needed to get perfect results, as you just have to put the meat in and press a button. You can read a book, grind your meat, and not feel any pressure.


The structure of the grinders is quite different, as the manual is more traditional and made with equipment that is light and easy to find &replace. It takes less space and is also portable. But electrical meat grinders are bigger& heavier in size. They confiscate a large amount of space. With expensive metal parts and the requirement of electricity, its build is the complete opposite of a manual meat grinder.

Recently, there’s been a number of small electric meat grinders in the market. But they’re very heavy compared to manual meat grinders.


When you’re using a manual meat grinder, after a certain period, your grounded meat’s quality will start to decrease as your body won’t keep up with the pace you initially started with. At the same time, when handling a small portion, you can have your way with the meat.

By contrast, an electric meat grinder maintains the same quality from start to finish, despite the amount of meat you are using. As machines can’t get tired, the chance of losing quality is close to none.


The cleaning process of a manual meat grinder is easy and simple. You just have to clean out the blades, the input funnel,&the output funnel.

But it isn’t that simple with electric grinders. If you just splash it with water, there’s a big chance that the grinder will fail to function properly the next time. You have to de-assemble the entire grinder and clean certain portions of it. This will be a lengthy process for sure.


There’s no doubt that manual meat grinders are more affordable when it comes to budget. If you’re looking for a meat grinder to use once a week or month, then without any doubts, go for it.

The prices of electric meat grinders are in the higher budget area. This is because the prices of the materials used are quite high and they need electricity to function. So, if you are interested to use it regularly and have the budget to back up the expenses, then an electric meat grinder is for you.


Final Thoughts

If we sum up everything so far, a manual meat grinder is for short time usage and mobility. It’s perfect for you if you want to grind meat on special occasions. And it’s the most cost-friendly option.

But if you are grinding meat regularly, then an electric meat grinder should be your go-to option, as it provides the best results you could’ve asked for. For restaurants or similar purposes where you’ll need ground meat a lot, an electric meat grinder is the best choice out there.

Now, if you’ve come this far, then we believe you’ve found your winner regarding manual vs electric meat grinders. Hopefully, you’ll start your meat grinding journey very soon.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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