Lem vs Weston Meat Grinder: Which One Is Best?

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I am sure that you already know about the great benefits of having a meat grinder in your kitchen. A meat grinder is one of the must-have kitchen equipment for those who like freshly grounded food. You can make better tasting, well-textured meat with flavors that you like using this meat grinder.

However, making the best choice on the type and brand to purchase might not be as easy, especially when buying one for the first time. In this article, I will guide you through some essential features and specifications to check on. I am sure that after you read through, you will be better informed and will have made up your mind on which meat grinder to go for. Let us check Lem vs Weston Meat Grinder in detail.

Lem Meat Grinder

Lem meat grinder

The LEM meat grinder is among the most popular meat grinders in use today. It has some superior features, which include; its ability to handle big tasks easily and for longer due to its compact and rigid structure. It is constructed from heavy stainless steel. This is an excellent feature for any meat grinder. The stainless steel enables easy cleaning, and the machine is free from rust. It comes with two stainless steel plates, one ⅜”(coarse) and another ³/16″ (fine). All the accessories are also made from stainless steel.

The clamp has a wide opening, which means you can mount it on to any tabletop. The motor (600 watts) is permanently lubricated. This ensures that the lubrication of the internal components is catered for. It comes with stuffing tubes of ½”, ¾”, ⅞”. This is to ensure that a variety of different sizes of meat can put meat in the auger.

It has a 2″ offset feeding tube and a big bite auger design to grab the chunks of meat with ease. The big bite technology is designed to enable the auger to ” bite” lots of meat, and it also directs the meat to the grinding head with ease. It minimizes cases of clogging, thanks to the big bite technology.

The LEM meat grinder is made with an integrated circuit- breaker. This protects the motor from damage when there’s a power overload. The manufacturer offers a 5-year warranty; thus, it can be an excellent choice for long term use.

  • Heavy duty and thus can handle huge grinding tasks and for longer.
  • Has lower noise levels during operation.
  • The manufacturer offers five years warranty depending on the model. This means your investment is protected.
  • The LEM grinding machine is powerful for heavy duties.
  • It’s expensive to purchase.
  • Bulky and bigger
  • Overheating -During long durations of work, you might be required to allow the grinder to cool down so as not to damage the internal parts.

Let’s watch a video on LEM meat grinder

Weston Meat Grinder

weston meat grinder

This meat grinder is ranked among the most powerful meat grinders. It’s among the best choices to go for in case you want a grinder that can grind meat with bones for pets. Owing to its powerful engine, you don’t have to take breaks since the engine does not require time to cool during working sessions. It can grind thick pieces of meat as it has a bigger feeder. This grinder makes the best choice for heavy commercial duties. The following are the features of the Weston meat grinder.

The meat grinder has a rigid metal gear body offering a great grinding experience. It is fitted with a 2½ ” feeding tube a wider opening compared to other brands. It means that you reduce the number of times you cut the meat, and you can push the meat into the grinding funnel faster. Its throat diameter is 1.72″ while the throat opening is 5¼” long by 1⅜ wide. The physical dimensions are 14*5.8*11″ and is fitted with a 600-watt motor. The output is 3-4 Ibs per minute. It comes with a 20mm funnel and sausage spacer for easy stuffing.

It has a 120volts-60 Hz motor, which is permanently lubricated and is air-cooled, giving you a lifelong service. It’s fitted with an inbuilt circuit breaker. This is to ensure minimum or no damage to the motor in case of power overload. It has on/ off features, and it’s designed with a pending offset design ensuring continuous meat flow. It is easy to disassemble for cleaning. Has non- slip rubber to ensure stability at the working station.

The Weston meat grinder is made with reverse features on the larger grinders. In the case of clogging, you can reverse the meat and feed it again. The stainless steel body makes it easy to clean and is rust free. If you are looking for a meat grinder for commercial purposes, this is a perfect choice.

  • Heavy-duty and commercial.
  • It’s very solid and compact thus stable always.
  • It is durable owing to its heavy structure.
  • It is expensive to buy.
  • It may be the wrong choice for home use as it’s heavy and big for your kitchen unless you grind large amounts of meat daily.

Let’s watch a video on Weston meat grinder

Which Is The Best Meat Grinder?

Depending on what purpose you want to own a meat grinder, there is always something for you. If you are a hunter and are looking for a durable machine that can grind bones and meat for your pets daily, then the Weston grinder is for you. It can work for long hours because it’s air-cooled and it’s also very fast since the motor is much more superior.

The reverse function on the Weston grinder also makes it a better choice when it comes to clogging up. The feeding tube is wider, and this sums upon the choices of a commercial meat grinder.  This machine can work for longer hours without the need for cooling.

However, I would also recommend the LEM meat grinder for home use as it is much smaller in size, has lower noise levels, and the big bite technology. This combination makes a better choice for kitchen equipment.  Both can grind bones, but it’s not included in terms of the warrant.

I believe that you have a better knowledge of the two meat grinders and would highly recommend that you get the one that suits your needs best.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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