LEM Meat Grinder 22 Review (Best Electric Meat Grinder)

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Often cited as one of the best electric meat grinders, the LEM 22 Big Bite Meat Grinder is truly nothing short of amazing. Compact design, commercial-grade performance, solid build, the LEM meat grinder 22 is made to prove any negative theory wrong!

Electric meat grinders are among the most useful kitchen appliances health-conscious at-home cooks can buy. Worth mentioning, a meat grinder will change the way you prepare, cook, and savor meatballs, sausages, burger patties, etc. in more ways than you can imagine. It’s just an amazing piece of technology that continues to be a favorite appliance for any cooking enthusiast.

LEM Meat Grinder #22 Reviews

No doubt, a quality meat grinder is what makes all the difference and being able to choose one is the first step to making those yummy, plump sausages you’ve been craving. In this sense, we’re reviewing one of the best electric meat grinders: the LEM 22 Meat Grinder.

Operating at 750 watts, the highly-impressive LEM #22 Big Bite Meat Grinder is an amazing choice for the at-home chef. Welcome to our break-down of this electric meat grinder.

Who is the LEM meat grinder #22 designed for?

lem meat grinder 22.
  • The LEM #22 Stainless Steel Meat Grinder is designed for any individual looking for a heavy-duty machine to grind a whole deer.
  • Complementary to any kitchen counter, the LEM #22 Electric Meat Grinder will be a perfect choice for any at-home cook.
  • Offering commercial-grade grinding, the LEM #22 Big Bite Grinder is easily one of the best commercial meat grinders.



Coming in a stainless house, the LEM #22 Electric Meat Grinder will look impressive on any kitchen countertop. In addition to being the apple of my eye, the meat grinder, with an impressively powerful motor and ample attachments, could be your indispensable kitchen gadget as well!

Running at a frequency of 60 Hz, the 750-watt motor of the LEM #22 is ideal for home use. If you are looking to grind plenty of meat on a regular basis, you’ll love the high-speed, but quiet operation of this machine. Thanks to the “Big Bite” auger, I was able to grind nearly 13 lbs of meat per minute without any clogging.


After unboxing, the LEM #22 (W781A) surprised me with plenty of extras. Honestly, I didn’t expect this meat grinder to come with this number of accessories. The 1 HP grinder features all the accessories required to make your grinding effortless and efficient.

Besides, the slew of extras, you’ll find the comprehensive manual instructions. Check your LEM #22 box for following things:

  • Coarse and fine steel plates
  • Stuffing plates
  • Meat stopper
  • Stuffing tubes

Build & Technology

Crafted from high-grade stainless steel, each component in the unit is resistant to corrosion and rust. With stainless steel construction, LEM set the focus on durability, relentless performance, and quality materials. No doubt, the most impressive craftsmanship and materials will lead to long-lasting performance and durability. Highly reliable #22 Big Bite Grinder parts are unlikely to invoke warranty!

The machine operates at 1 HP, exclusively built for those who want much output. The rating means business. We’ve hardly come across a machine that grinds through any meat as quickly and efficiently as the LEM #22 Stainless Steel Meat Grinder.

This is an all stainless steel grinder, so it doesn’t come with fancy coating like many other cheap grinders do. Since there’s no coating, you will find cleaning of this meat grinder a breeze. I found it safer and easier to clean, compared to its predecessors and competitors. After cleaning, spraying the machine with food grade silicon is recommended.


Some of you may have followed this line of LEM products. The LEM meat grinder 22 is an improvement from the LEM #5 and #8 Big Bite meat grinders. However, practically, the LEM #22 didn’t grind faster than the LEM #12. But, the difference is there. The LEM #22 ground about 13 lbs of meat and delivered decent performance.

Incredibly powerful, the LEM #22 750-watt meat is able to process a large amount of meat without being clogged. The secret is the patented “Big Bite” technology. I absolutely adore this machine for its seamless and smooth performance. Never did I have to stop when grinding like I have experienced with other meat grinders.


Let’s watch a video


It Protects!

Generally speaking, heat can cause serious damage to electronic appliances. Overheating will cause gears in a machine to degrade, which ultimately damages and stops the machine working. Overheating is a cause of concern for those who own high-capacity machines.

Overheating can be a serious problem sooner or later. Ultimately, damage to your grinding machine is inevitable. In addition, a grinder that routinely overheats can increase your meat temperature and cause health issues when cooking with raw meat.

Be serious, stay safe!

It drastically reduced the lifespan for many grinders. But, fortunate for those who purchased the LEM #22 Electric Meat Grinder. Furthermore, it has a built-in circuit breaker, which stops the grinder as soon as it overheats.

So, if your machine overheats, the circuit breaker will engage and stop any electrical overload. On the other hand, if the LEM meat grinder #22 falls of the countertop accidentally, in that case, the built-in circuit breaker will also turn off the grinder.   

Permanent Lubrication Technology

Of course, you’re likely to grind for a long period of time. With time, you have to deal with overheating, lubrication, and whatnot! But, only if your motor is permanently lubricated can you shrug off all that worry. Yes, the LEM #22 has a motor that comes permanently lubricated.

What you need to know is that..

Running a motor for longer periods will inevitably cause heat and friction and lead to damage of your gears, if left unlubricated. A permanently lubricated motor will make sure your machine continues to grind smoothly. And, if you decide to ditch this permanent lubrication feature, you’re soon going to quit after dealing with oiling and lubricating.

Mark my words!

Assembly and Disassembly

Assembling or disassembling this machine is a breeze. Handling this machine will come naturally for you.  Even the most naïve of at-home cooks will get around the LEM #22 Big Bite Meat Grinder easily. Read the manual before setting it up. Once you’ve set it up, using it very simple and safe. Just load the meat and start grinding!

It’s as simple as that!C

Big Bite Technology

What sets the LEM #22 Electric Meat Grinder apart is “Big Bite” technology. It is the company’s patented technology that makes the auger more efficient. The auger with this technology is able to “bite” the large meat and drive it into the grinder heat.

Here’s more…

You’ll be amazed to discover the number of ways this wider auger can be beneficial. The fear that works up many cooks is that whether a large piece of meat could be processed without clogging. The wider auger will take care of this issue.

You just load the bigger piece of meat you can find and get the machine to work. You don’t need to worry about large pieces of meat clogging up the machine because the auger will shrink the meat into an appropriate size.

The quality of second grinding is greatly improved due to “Big Bite” technology. Combined with revolutionary rifled design, the LEM #22 Big Bite grinder becomes highly competitive and improves sausage stuffing greatly!


What extra features does your meat grinder have?

This is an important question you must ask when shopping for a meat grinder. I asked too. Like many other meat grinders, this meat grinder too comes with a stuffing attachment. The provided attachment is highly useful for making sausages and hot dogs.

Measuring 15.5” by 11” by 3”, the meat tray will prove more than enough. Bigger tray means loading more meat at a time.

Many will recommend looking for a reverse function when shopping for a meat grinder. But, it’s not essential when your meat grinder is highly unlikely to ever clog. Handles are comfortable and make it easy to transport. On top of the unit, you’ll notice a stainless steel pan.

For keeping the user secure, the pan has a safety guard. Safety guard offers protection, but sometimes may irk you by getting in the way when grinding. If the safety guard becomes too much of a hassle, you can get rid of it. Since meat grinding poses danger, I recommend keeping the guard.

What We Liked
  • Extremely efficient
  • Grinds 13 lbs of meat per minute
  • Silent in operation
  • Heavy-duty performance
  • Easy to set up and dismantle
  • Produces butcher quality meat at home
  • Numerous plate sizes
  • 5-year manufacturer warranty
What We Didn’t Like
  • A bit heavy
  • Expensive

Final Verdict

The LEM meat grinder #22 may seem like a large investment, but the high-quality build and unbeatable performance make it the behemoth of a grinder! It boasts brute power, high quality, efficiency, and usability. No doubt, the LEM #22 is an excellent option for the at-home cook.  

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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