LEM Meat Grinder 12 Series Reviews (Most Preferable)

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Sometimes, you can’t help falling in love with a kitchen appliance at first glance. The LEM meat grinder 12 is such an appliance that inspires you – impresses you – gets you going. Just looking at the thing, you know you will never go wrong and you’ve picked the ideal meat grinder!

As usual, LEM delivers a prominent meat grinder that will be an excellent option for even the pickiest at-home cooks. While it may not be the best option for the people on a tight budget, this remarkable machine comes highly recommended particularly if you want to do some heavy-duty grinding.

While being committed to LEM’s recognized level of quality, the LEM meat grinder 12 will be, no doubt, reliable in all your grinding and mincing. This meat grinder is simply a mini-mill that is even a suitable option for any meat processing shop. In this article, we’re going to share how the LEM meat grinder 12 made a difference in our cooking. Hopefully, it will do in yours as well!

Let’s get started!

Who is the LEM meat grinder #12 designed for?

Lem meat grinder

  • The LEM #12 Stainless Steel Big Bite Meat Grinder is perfect for any at-home cook looking to do some serious grinding!
  • Want to prepare delicious, plump, and lip-smacking sausages? The LEM #12 is a meat grinder, specialized for sausage making.

Features :


Packing brute 0.75 horsepower in its motor, the LEM #12 electric meat grinder will efficiently grind anything, including chicken bones you put into it! If you’re one of those individuals who need to grind large amounts of meat in a quick, efficient manner, then you’re going to love this machine.

Appropriate for grinding huge amounts of meat, the LEM .75 Big Bite Grinder is a remarkable piece of engineering that introduces the latest technology, including its patented technology to surprise you every way possible. No longer you will have to worry about overheating or health concerns as long as you have the LEM meat grinder 12 in your kitchen!

Build & Technology

LEM Meat Grinder #12 all parts are designed to deliver better performance. An all stainless steel grinder, the .75HP motor of LEM meat grinder comes permanently lubricated. As usual, LEM doesn’t play hide and seek with its customers when it comes to naming its meat grinders. The exact power this meat grinder is packing is mentioned clearly, which is 550 watts.

The 550 watts is enough to power through even the toughest of meat – deer, moose, no matter what fibrous meat you want to grind. The LEM Electric Meat Grinder possesses brute power and grinds no matter what you throw at it. This meat grinder also features patented technology – “Big Bite”.

As the name implies, the auger of the LEM product is wider than that of a normal auger, intended to take a bigger piece of meat in. No longer will you have to struggle to fit sliced pieces of meat into the auger!

Now, you can just take a whole piece of meat and fit it in the throat without any problem.

As far as my experiment with meat grinders goes, the LEM #12 can contain up to 6 pounds of meat.  I just kept reloading the throat with meat on and on. What “Big Bite” technology actually does is that it increases the LEM’s grinding capacity by 30-50%. 

Besides, you don’t need to worry about overheating, which is normal for high-capacity meat grinders – fortunate for those who own the LEM #12.


The technological advance took to a new dimension as the meat grinder features a built-in circuit breaker. The circuit breaker will stop the grinder, so it doesn’t cause overheating. In addition, if you accidentally drop the LEM #12, the built-in circuit breaker will turn off the grinder. In the event of a short-circuit, this built-in circuit will also stop the grinder from damaging your outlet.

Now, you must be aware of a problem…

Overheating can be a serious problem sooner or later. Ultimately, damage to your grinding machine is inevitable. In addition, a grinder that routinely overheats can increase your meat temperature and cause health issues when cooking with raw meat.  

It’s just not okay!

Oh, to make things even more efficient, the motor comes permanently lubricated.

But, what’s a permanently lubricated motor and how does it help you?

A permanently lubricated motor matters a lot for smooth grinding. If your motor isn’t lubricated, it will seize up and eventually stop working. And, if you buy a grinder that isn’t permanently lubricated, be prepared to endless hassling with oiling and lubricating.

With a permanently lubricated motor, there’s no taking care of your grinder internally. You have a perfectly working motor in good condition.

Meat Grinding

The LEM #12 .75HP Big Bite Grinder can grind about a whopping 360lbs an hour! If you want to grind meat over 500lbs, check out the model 780. Model 780 can grind up to 600lbs of meat per hour. But, grinding 6lbs per minute isn’t a bad rate at all!

Brute power!

The LEM meat grinder #12 can be a mini-mill that even persistently grinds chicken bones without a problem. I wanted to test the power of this grinder, so I often recommended the grinder to pet owners who need to grind chicken bones for feeding their pet the raw food.

The grinder has also gained prominence among hunters who want to process hundreds of pounds of red meat comfortably. I have no question regarding the efficient mechanism of this meat grinder.


The LEM #12 (17801) Stainless Steel Meat Grinder delivers smooth power and speed. Its enhanced performance is really surreal. It feels amazing to see how this machine operates smoothly and grinds efficiently.

Hear me out…

I have used meat grinders previously. They all used to generate so much noise and were so loud in such a very annoying way that I had to junk many only because of noise.

LEM’s manual recommends that running the grinder for 20-30 minutes at once, then resting the machine for 10-15 minutes. I did take a break after 25 minutes of grinding and still managed to grind 360lbs per hour.


Combing three stainless steel grinding plates with one stuffing plate, the LEM #12 is possibly one of the best versatile grinding machines. Three stuffing tubes prove quite useful while using this machine. With all the accessories combined, LEM products make the best use of its Big Bite Technology and deliver a larger quantity of meat in half the time. And, it doesn’t clog the machine when doing so!


The LEM Meat Grinder #12 comes with a 1 speed button. In order to control its speed, you can regulate speed with the 1-speed setting. But, the LEM #12 Stainless Steel Grinder doesn’t have a reverse button. A reverse button proves useful in case of grinder jams. But, I haven’t experienced any meat jamming with this grinder. So, the necessity of a reverse button was never really felt.

Sausage Making

The stuffing plate is very convenient. You will definitely need this if you like to dabble with sausages. The three plastic stuffing tubes are useful for making sausages and links.  

What We Liked
  • All stainless steel body and parts
  • “Big Bite” auger
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Powerful motor
  • Metal internal gears
  • Stands the test of time
What We Didn’t Like
  • A bit heavy
  • No reverse button

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many cutting blades does this LEM #12 come with?

A: The LEM #12 grinder features 1 cutting blade. LEM likes to call it knife. Getting a 2nd stainless steel knife is a good idea that comes with each grinding plate. You may be wondering why.

It’s actually each grinder plate wears down together with use. After wearing out, the plate stands to deliver a more precise cut. The spinning function of the combined cutting blade and grinder plate wears down and allows grinding meat smoothly. Finally, you will notice a groove pattern.

Q: What are the parts on the LEM #12 made of?

A: An all stainless steel construction, the parts of the LEM #12 are the testament of quality. The internal and motor gears are all metal. Additionally, they come with roller bearings. To introduce strength all around, the grinding plates, auger, locking cap, meat tray, and retaining ring – they are all made of stainless steel.

However, they are some parts made of plastic. But, don’t worry! They are made of high-grade plastic. Now, the parts made of plastic are meat stompers and stuffing tubes.  

Q: Where are the LEM products manufactured?

A: The LEM products are currently manufactured in China. However, they used to be produced in Italy. Don’t form your opinion yet. Just because LEM products are made in China, doesn’t mean they would be inferior. LEM enforces strict policies every stage in the production of its products. Hence, its meat grinders are of high quality.

Final Verdict

Not compromising when it comes to power and speed, the LEM Meat Grinder #12 is the machine which will be your reliable cooking partner year after year! Such quality construction, brute grinding, and amazing flexibility, you just can’t go wrong purchasing this.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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