How to Use Meat Grinder Nowadays?

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“How to use meat grinder?” is a widely asked question among amateur home-cooks. In this article, we are going to give you a detailed answer to this question. We’ll also share here why should you grind your own meat, what are the parts of a meat grinder and how to assemble them along with some frequently asked questions regarding the use of a meat grinder.

So, let’s get started!

Why Should You Grind Your Own Meat?

If you are still not sure about grinding meat by yourself with a grinder than here are some points to change your mind.

Safest way available

People are here and there to dodge you whenever they get a chance. The same point is valid for packaged ground meat. They can sell you different animal meat instead of giving the one you asked for. It is sad but true. The only person you can trust at these circumstances is none but you. Grind your meat by yourself and stop taking the wrong road.

Real Meat flavor by using own meat grinder

Supermarket meats are used to stay preserved for a more extended period of time. So, the manufacturer has to use some chemical to make it long live. Most of those chemical has the potential for preservation but not for flavor. A mixture of it with grinder meat makes the flavor burn and lose the meat’s natural taste. I hope you will definitely like to take the full taste of grinder meat.

The texture of the Meat

Long preservation of meat can start oxidation and compression. It will make the meat incapable of providing the taste like the fresh meat so if you grind your own meat than you can get a better texture and moisture on it. The look of a dish is really important for most of us because it gives us the satisfaction of royalty and makes us eager to eat.

It’s the trend

The new trend of modern people is doing their own work without the help of any other person. So if you are doing your own meat grinding than you are an actual member of this elite club. It will also make you feel satisfied and happy when you are eating it.

Cheap in value

Preserved ground meat is so expensive. If you are a regular user of it than you definitely know about them, so taking help from the meat grinder can save you some bucks which you can use in other works.

Size control

When you buy the ground meat from a supermarket, there is so few size options. But when you are doing the job by yourself, then you can choose the size according to your choice.

Huge attachments collection: One of the best parts of this gadget is its attachments. They bring different kinds of add-ons with them which can enhance the functionality of the meat grinder.    

Basic Parts of A Meat Grinder 

Meat Grinder Parts

Most of the meat grinders available in the market are pretty much the same. All of them use a basic structure of mechanic parts. If you have precise knowledge about the pieces, then it will help you in the long run. Essential components of the meat grinders are discussed below.z

The pusher


The first part of the machine is known as the pusher. It will start the process of grinding your meat. It is like a tube where you have to push as much meat as you can. Some of them will also come with a tray where you can store the meat before driving it to the pusher. If you are going to grind a big amount of meat than try to buy a grinder which has a big tray. It will be beneficial for you.

The Screw

SCREWAfter the pusher, comes the screw. It is one of the most valuable components of the gadget. It receives meats from the pusher and pushes it towards the blades to grind the meat. Actual work will start after that.

The blades


Blades cuts the meat according to your desire. You can choose from different types of blades. Each blade maintains a specific distance from each other. The space and speed of the edges decide the size of the ground meat. The blades rotate in gear when it receives the meat from the screw. This rotation does the rest of the job.

The cover

You can also call it the final storage. When the total job of the grinding is done, then it gets a role to play. The position is to store the ground meat for you so that they don’t fall down on the ground or any other place. It stores the meat in a particular area.

There are lots of available brands of meat grinder for you to choose from. Though their parts are usually the same, you can also find many enhanced grinders with different sizes. It is depending on you which one you want to buy.

Ways To Assemble A Meat Grinder

Instructions For Use Meat Grinder

The meat grinder is becoming popular in this modern world day by day. People from different class are using it to reduce their food cost. Before you start using it, you should know how to really assemble every part together. There are no scopes for you to skip this part.

Without it, you can’t dream of using it in your grocery, restaurant or even at your home. So the way to assemble the grinder is discussed below step by step:

Step 1: Wash every part of the grinder carefully so that you can get germs-free ground meats. After that, let it dry, or you can also use a towel.

Step 2: Take all the parts of the grinder and leave it in a freezer. Let it become cold for at least an hour. It will improve the workability of the machine.

Step 3: Now, you are qualified to assemble it. Make sure that all type of power source is disconnected. Otherwise, it can write a sad story to remember.

Step 4: Place the T-link in the right place and tighten it as much as possible with the other parts.

Step 5: First, attach a screw part and the push bar with the T-link. You need to rotate the bar and push it to the back as far as it goes.

 Step 6: Now, it is time for your blade to attach with the screw part. Make sure that the flat part of the blade faces outside.

Step 7: You also need to attach a handle cap with the T link and tighten it as much as possible.

Step 8: Now, you need something to receive the ground meat. So, attach the stainless plate with the grinder, and you are ready to grind.

Let’s Watch a Video

How To Use Meat Grinder?

It is not so hard to use a meat grinder. After you know, how to assemble the machine, you are ready to use it. I am going to show you some small steps which you can follow to make your meat grinding as easy as eating ground meat. Let’s see.

Step 1: The meat which you have chosen to grind should be free from bones and skins. You have to cut the meat in an average size so that they fit into the blade. If it is smaller than the blade hole than it will go through it. On the other hand, if it is so big, then you will find it hard to grind. So, you need to shape the meat wisely.

Step 2: Enter the meat by the feeding bar and push it towards the grinder.

Step 3: Meats will eventually fall into the blade and grind. Place a bowl like something to catch the ground meat under the grinder blades.

Step 4: You can grind meat twice for better texture. After finishing the job, make sure to disconnect the power supply. It is a point always to remember.

Step 5: After the job is done, it is time for the grinder to get some reward from you. Wash every part of it and let it dry on the air.

Step 6: Sometimes, oil the screw holes so that it can carry an excellent job for an extended period of time.

Let’s Watch a Meat Grinding Video

Frequently Asked Question

What is a meat grinder?

Answer: It is a chopper of regular meats which you can use by yourself. Anytime, anywhere.

Can meat grinder grind vegetables?

Answer: Yes, it is fully capable of grinding green vegetables. Its unique design gives it the ability to grind different types of veggies.  

How to keep away meat grinders from rusting?

Answer: Remove every part of the meat grinder and wash it carefully. Let it dry in the air and keep it in a neat and clean place wrapped up with a cloth.

Essential Things To Keep In Mind When Grinding Meat

Grinding is a straightforward job. Push the meat, rotate the blade and collect the ground meat from the cover. Besides all this, there are some essential things which you should always keep in mind. Some of them are discussed down below. Hope you will find it helpful like the rest of the article:

Avoid warm meat

Grinding warm meat is not good for the texture and size. The meat fat can leak out when you try to grind hot meat. It is better to store the parts of the grinder in a frozen place. Because this storage temperature gives blender the ability to keep the meat chilled.

At least try to freeze the machinery for one hour if you are not able to keep it in a frozen place for all the time. When you are grinding meat for more several times than placed the grinder into an ice bowl. It will make the job easy and comfortable.

Use trimmed meat

Meats which are not trimmed can often create a problem in the blade. It will be better for you to shave it before pushing it into the screw. It will also save the texture of the meat for you.

Watch out the parts

 It is essential for the grinder to put the components in a fixed position. Otherwise, it can show up problems like smearing. Sometimes meat can come out in a mess and wet. This is an indication of a problem. So to get rid of this stress you have to remove the blades and fit it again correctly.

Always Keep the blades sharp

Regular grinding will improve the fit and sharpness of the blade edges. It will be helpful for better grinding. Still, if you find some smearing meat in the die part than your blade has become blunt.

At that period of time, the only thing you can do is remove the blades and take it for sharpening. Usually, you need to do it not more than twice a year. If you are not so happy with the option, then you can buy some extra blades to replace the blunt one. Blades of grinder are not so expensive and easily available.

You may know more details about how to sharp meat grinder blade

Keep the grinder clean

After every grinding, you should clean the meat grinder. It will be helpful for you if you want a long service from it. If you do not do to the job immediately, then you will find it hard to remove the dry stick meat off the blade. After washing it, dry it out with the help of a towel thoroughly. Otherwise, the body material can get hampered. (Try to keep yourself clean too. It will make you feel better and healthy.)

Avoid frozen meat

It is advised to use cold meat but not frozen. Frozen meat is just like a solid body. Grinder’s blades can find it hard to cut. Even if it is able to cut it, it will damage the sharpness of the edges. So it will be a wise decision not to cut frozen meat with the meat grinder.

Avoid Over-loading

 Over-loading meat in the push bar of the grinder can cause some damage into your motor. I hope you do not want that thing to happen. (But if you do, you are free to carry on the over-loading.)

Paper towels cleaning

After completing the work, take some paper towels and push it towards the blade like the meat. It will help to remove the small bits of the meat from the grinder.

Final Verdict

We hope by now you have a clear idea on How to use meat grinder, how to assemble it, why meat grinders are necessary as well as many other things. You already know why you should skip supermarket preserved ground meat and make your own ground meat.

We always try to provide the best and accurate information to our readers. If the discussion helps you in any way, don’t forget to share your valuable opinion in the comment section. Also, keep in mind to share it with your family and friends.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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