How to Use an Electric Knife Sharpener?

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So, the knife you use starts smashing instead of slicing the fruits and veggies! Damn! It gets dull and completely loses its sharpness. What’s the solution?
Let’s face it! There are a lot of different ways to sharpen knives. But most of these are time-consuming and not that easy!

In that case, getting yourself an electric knife sharpener won’t be a house of cards at all, guess why? Well, it’s because the particular device itself can sharpen heaps of knives at once, and that too within a short period.

But you don’t know how to use an electric knife sharpener, right? No worries, put a smile on your face because operating the device is just like a walk in the park, yep!

Why Do We Need to Sharpen Knives?

Before you learn the way of sharpening a knife through an electric sharpener, it’s essential to know why you should sharpen it.
A knife is a must-have kitchen utensil that we use on a daily basis to cut or slice up fruits, veggies, meats, and stuff like that. After using it for a couple of months, it gets blunt and loses its sharpness!

When it comes to using a blunt knife, you’ll need to provide a lot of extra pressure on it to chop up something. Besides, it’s too annoying to use, even it won’t cut food items in the way you really want.

This is why we need to sharpen our knives after a certain period. Sharpening has no alternatives if you want to keep it razor-sharp and long-lasting.

Benefits of Having an Electric Knife Sharpener

As we’ve said earlier, there are tons of different ways to sharpen a knife. But we’ve picked the electric sharpener due to a couple of reasons. It has got some extra advantages, such as:

Saves Time

Unlike the typical options, an electric sharpener is much faster and capable of sharpening lots of knives within no time. So, it might be the best option if you don’t want to spend a lot of time and effort.

Accurate Cutting

With the help of the electric sharpener, you’ll be able to maximize accuracy while cutting the fruit, vegetable, and meat.

Easy to Use

The electric knife sharpener is pretty easy to use. There is no need to be a professional to operate the device. In a nutshell, it’s user-friendly!

Step By Step Guide of Using an Electric Knife Sharpener

Let’s cut to the chase! Now we’re moving on to the real action, which means we’ll show you everything about using an electric knife sharpener.

Step-1: Knowing your Machine Better

Whenever you purchase an electric knife sharpener, find the user manual and take a deep look at it. You can follow the diagram attached to the box to have a better understanding.

Step-2: Understanding the Slots

This is the technical part, but don’t worry at all since we will make it easy for you to understand better. Basically, you will find three slots on the machine, such as:

First Stage
If you’re using your knife for two to three weeks or so and it becomes really blunts, this will be your stage to start with. It’s also great for those who want to add a wee bit of sharpness to their knives.

Second Stage

For those who are using their knives for more than a week, this is where you should start. At this particular stage, you can make your knife’s blade much smoother by sharpening it very lightly.

Third Stage

Without a doubt, it’s the best stage for those who are wondering about polishing their knife in the best way possible.
At this stage, you can make your knife razor-sharp by cleaning up the micro-burrs. If you’re using your knives for two or three days and want to have some serious sharpness, this stage is definitely an ideal option for you.

Step-3: Turning on the Sharpener

Locate the “ON” button of the machine in order to sharpen your knife. Make sure your hand is entirely dry since you’re going to plug the device and turn on the socket board.
Also, it’s time to turn the electric sharpener ON. You’ll see the OFF/ON switch is facing towards you. Again, your hand should be dry to prevent serious accidents.
The device might vibrate and offer a minimal whirr noise. Don’t worry, let it do its job properly.

Note- Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s guide for sharpening instructions because different types of blades equip different needs.

Step-4: Pulling Out the Blade of the Knife

We believe you have noticed and determined the bluntness of the blade of your knife/knives. Once you come to a decision on it based on the bluntness, you can put your knife on any of the three stages.

If the blade of the knife is positioned correctly, you will hear a grinding noise. Let it move on its own without forcing or rushing, make sure the whole process runs pretty smoothly.
Repeat the same process minimum of two times. Make sure you’ve pulled through both the right and left sides of the knives in an equal time to get a razor-sharp blade.

Step-5: Trying Out the Other Slots

As you’re in the learning process of using an electric knife sharpener, feel free to try the other two slots so that you can notice the differences. Make sure you are using each slot at least twice.

Step-6: Time for Testing!

It’s good to test the sharpness of your knife after completing the job. In that case, you can take a piece of paper and run your knife on it. It’s a sure way you can apply. If the blade gets “razor-sharp,” you will see the magic!

Step-7: Cleaning the Knife’s Blade

Once you complete your whole task, it’s a must to take the remaining filings out of the knife immediately. In that case, ensure to wash the knife off through some warm soapy water.
After that, you can rinse it off with clean, warm water and then dry it thoroughly. That’s all!

A Few Safety Tips

  • Never touch the electric device through your wet hands
  • Before plugging in, make sure the ON/OFF button is turned towards you
  • Maintain a safe distance while sharpening
  • Keep both the knife and electric sharpener away from kids
  • Use fluid or other liquid substances to smoothen the surface while pulling the blade through the electric sharpener


From now on, sharpening your knife through this super-duper machine will be a breeze if you have gone through the entire write-up of how to use an electric knife sharpener. Make sure you follow the instructions manual as well as our writing to accomplish the “knife-sharpening” task successfully.


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As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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