How to Sharpen Electric Fillet Knife Blades?

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Other than the traditional fillet knives you use for cooking manually, there are some electric fillet knives available that make conventional cooking much easier. These electric fillet knives consist of blades with a serrated edge.

If you get one of these kitchen appliances, you will definitely need to know how to sharpen electric fillet knife blades. Some folks think it is not necessary to sharpen the blades of an electric fillet knife.

The blades on the electric fillet knife are indeed much sharper and that sharpness lasts much longer. But there is no way the blades will stay sharp forever. And that is what we will help you with.


Methods and Steps to Sharpening Electric Fillet Knife Blades

To maintain an electric fillet knife, you need to sharpen the blades every now and then. Below are some methods along with the steps given on sharpening these blades;


Method 1: Sharpening the Knife Blades withaSharpening Rod

Here, we’ll show you how to use a sharpening rod to make the knives sharp.

  • Step 1: Unplugging

The first thing you need to do is unplug or disconnect the electric knife from its power source. Try folding the wire into loops and tying it up with a string or an elastic band so that you can prevent it from getting in the way when you’re sharpening the blades.

  • Step 2: Setting up

Set the knife down on a clean kitchen counter. Make sure the blade part of the knife is not facing you so that you can be safe. Now, get your sharpening rod to begin sharpening the blades.

  • Step 3: Positioning of the Tools

With your dominant hand, hold the handle of the electric fillet knife tightly. And with your other hand, hold the sharpening rod.

  • Step 4: Sharpening of the Blades

Place the sharpening rod on the serration of the electric knife blade that is nearest to the handle. Begin gliding the sharpening rod all the way up to the tip of the electric knife blade. Make sure you are applying some pressure as you are gliding the sharpening rod on the blade’s serrations.

Continue rubbing up and down the blade with the sharpening rod repeatedly. Do not forget to switch the side after you have sharpened one side of the blade. Change it up and sharpen the other side of the knife. Ultimately, the edge of the blade will get thinner and thus sharper.

  • Step 5: Cleaning Your Knife and Sharpening Rod

After you are done, wash your knife properly with soap and water to make sure no tiny chipped-off bits of the sharpening rod ended up on your knife. Plus, there will most likely be some dust on your knife that came from all that rubbing of the metals together.

You need to also wash your sharpening rod the same way. Make sure to dry the electric knife before putting it away.


Method 2: Sharpening the Knife Blades with an Electric Blade Sharpener

Let’s learn the process of using an electric blade sharpener for the knife sharpening task.

  • Step 1: Choosing the Sharpening Device

Since electronic appliances are expensive, sometimes you might end up getting a fake machine that does not work. So, it is best to do some research. Find out which electric blade sharpener is the best and make sure the company you are buying from is reliable.

Then go to the store that has the electric sharpener that you are looking for and buy it. Make sure this specific blade sharpener is meant for serrated knives, not ordinary ones.

  • Step 2: Unplugging the Knife

Like the previous method, you need to disconnect the electric fillet knife from its power source, tie up the wires, and set it aside on a clean counter. Do not forget to make the blade part of the knifepoint away from you on the kitchen counter. Get your electric knife blade sharpener and plug it in a power source.

  • Step 3: Positioning the Knife Blade into the Blade Sharpener

Take your electric fillet knife and slip the blade in through the first slot of the electric blade sharpener. The heel of your fillet knife should go deep into the opening. Keep sliding the blade in until the heel of your knife touches the grinding stones inside the electric blade sharpener.

If you check the manual that came with the blade sharpener, the manufacturer will most likely have already given instructions about the angle you need to put the blade at.

It should be around 15 to 20 degrees when you slide the knife in. Although, the blade may automatically set in place at the right angle once it connects with the grinding stones inside.

  • Step 4: Sharpening of the Blade in the Sharpener

The knife should be placed in between two rods of the grinding stone. And the grinding stones will be rubbing or grinding on the blade, sharpening it. You just have to pull and push the blade back and forth while it is grinding.

There are also some finer stones in a second slot of the sharpening machine that is used to give a finishing sharpening and cleaning of a blade after it has been sharpened by the grinding stones. Move the knife to the finer stones and let them give your knife blade a finishing touch.

  • Step 5: Cleaning the Knife

Just like in the previous method, you have to make sure you clean the electric knife’s blade. Use some soapy water to get rid of any unwanted dirt particles from the grinding stones. Then cleanse it again with clean water. Wipe the knife carefully so that the water will not trickle down to the wires of the knife.


Final Words

Knowing how to sharpen electric fillet knife blades all by yourself will definitely come in handy. This way, you can lower maintenance costs by not having to send it to experts who sharpen kitchen knives.

You can do this task any time at home now. Both methods are very useful and not very difficult. As long as you follow the steps above and be careful with the tools and devices, you should be fine.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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