How to Make Sausages with a Meat Grinder Easily?

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Sausage- I am sure this term tickles your salivary homemade every time it’s mentioned. Whether made from vegetables or meat, a good recipe should water your mouth. It’s possible to make homemade sausages. However, the ingredients might not be readily available at the local grocery store, so if you are planning on making sausages for, at home, you will need to get ready with a meat grinder and a stuffing tool. This guide provides you with some tips on how to make sausages with a meat grinder.

You might get minced meat from the grocery stores, but it’s not always flavored, or it might even be unhygienic for your home use. Here I will take you through the steps on how to make sausages with a meat grinder. A meat grinder is simple household equipment that is a must-have for sausage lovers. Be it electric or manual, and it’s a simple equipment to operate. I will break down the essential steps to follow when grinding meat using a meat grinder below.

What you will need

The following are the basic things you will need to make sausages using a meat grinder.

  • 2 Clean bowls
  • Meat
  • Freezer
  • Meat grinder (automatic/manual)
  • Chopping
  • Baking foil (wrapping foil)

When you have all the above requirements ready, I’ll take you through a step by step guide on how to prepare sausages using the meat grinder.

  • Chop the meat into small pieces no longer than five centimeters. This way, the thin pieces of meat will be easy to push in the grinding machine.
  • Freeze the meat- your meat has fat. In case the fat heats up, it will become smooth and might not blend well with the meat. This means the fats will cook separately from the meat, which in turn ruins the sausage. Wrap the meat in a long baking sheet and place it in the freezer. Leave it for about forty-five minutes. Do not let it become frozen. We aim to harden and cool the meat. This step helps to ensure that the meat passes through the grinder easily.
  • Get all the cutting parts of the grinder as well as the plate and place them in the freezer. In case you will be grinding meat often, it’s advisable always to store these components in the freezer all the time.
  • Prepare all the other ingredients. I mean, if you will be using garlic and herbs, get them ready for grinding together with the meat.
  • Now it’s time to assemble the grinder. Once it’s ready, place the meat and the ingredients in the hopper. Put the meat in a bowl with ice to minimize the spread of bacteria. This is especially when grinding lots of meat. I would advise that you fill a large bowl with ice and place a smaller one on top to make sure that the end product is also cool.
  • Most of the meat grinding machines come with a user’s guide and user instructions. Follow the instructions on the user manual to guide you on the speed to use and the most appropriate settings for your task. If you are sure you are ready to start, then you can now switch on the meat grinder.
  • Channel the meat and ingredients into the grinder. Most of the electric grinders have accessories that are used to push the meat into the funnel. In case you have none, use your clean hands to push the meat.
  • The ground meat should soon start dropping into the cooling bowl. If you own a more modern meat grinder, you will be able to adjust it on different meat features, including the texture to match your preferred characteristics.

Let’s Watch a Video how to Make Sausages with a Meat Grinder

Things You Need To Know

To improve your experience with a meat grinder when making sausages, there are a few more things you need to understand. The meat has to be free from tendons, ligaments, connecting tissues, and excess fats. This will make the meat easier to grip and a much finer end product. These meat components tend to get congested and stuck on the meat grinder. This clogs the grinder making the texture of the final product less acceptable.

Tendons pile up in the auger and thus a mushy composition in the ground meat. In case you have clogged the grinder, you will have to switch off the machine and clean the auger, grinding knife, and plate properly before putting them back and grinding more meat. Repeat this whenever the grinder has clogged. Or when you are have noticed a change in the texture of the ground meat.

Safety Measures

  • Remember to always work on a clean surface, especially when dealing with raw meat. You don’t wish to risk contamination of the meat. Handle the meat with clean hands and avoid contact with anybody’s parts directly.
  • If you keep long hair, be sure to cover it inside a hat or tie it to avoid it, getting it into the grinder or hopper. Hair can easily get trapped on the hopper as the meat is shoved, and this will be a great inconvenience to your work. Not only will you withstand the pain, but you will also contaminate the meat.
  • Clean the grinder after use. Disassemble the parts of the machine and clean them thoroughly. There are always small pieces of meat that remain in the inside of the meat grinder. Be sure to remove every piece before storing the machine. This will make your next use much easier. Store the parts in the freezer if you often grind meat for sausages.

Final Words

I am sure that this information will improve your experience when using a meat grinder. By now, you have noted how easy it is to grind meat using a meat grinder. Owning a meat grinder at home will make your cooking process much enjoyable. You will never be limited to the same flavors daily since you can freely try as many flavors as possible on your own.

I am sure that once you successfully make your first recipe, you will want to try many more that were only in your wish list. You will be left wondering why you had to wait for so long before experimenting with this. I wish you an excellent experience as you make tasty sausages at home.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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