How to Make a Knife Sharpener at Home (DIY- in 5 Steps)

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Knives are one of those valuable tools we should always have by our side every time. Knives have multiple applications from cooking, cutting fruits and vegetables, to just basically helping us with our day to day chores.

Lucky for us, most knives no matter the size and quality of the material it is made of are easy to maintain and not too hard to keep as sharp as we needed them to be. We have the option to DIY our very own knife sharpener and it ain’t so hard to do either.

In this article, we are going to discuss a few ways on how to make a knife sharpener and all the little things that come in between to help you take care of such a valuable tool.

DIY- How to Make a Knife Sharpener at Home

Again, there is more than one way to make a knife sharpener and the concept that we are going to talk about in this article is just one of them.

Materials and Equipment That You’d Need:

  • An old worn-out saw blade
  • An 18 inches L x 2 inches W x 1 inch H piece of wood like maple
  • Some screws
  • Drill
  • Sandpaper
  • Metal grinder


The first thing you got to do is to prepare your saw blade for it’s the core component of our knife sharpener. We think that an old and almost unusable saw blade that can no longer be sharpened itself to be further used for its primary purpose is the best one to utilize here.

If you think you have some other pieces of steel lying around that you can use then go ahead and do so.

So you’re going to need two of the teeth of your saw blades cut out from it to form two tiny knives. The pointy end should then, later on, serve as the edge where we are going to sharpen the knives.
Draw your marking lines accordingly on the saw blade to serve as a guide for the shape of your mini-knives. Then drill the screw holes on both of them. These screw holes will be utilized later on.

Then, once done drilling, use your metal grinder to both cut out the saw blade teeth and at the same time sharpen them later on.


Now, you should have for yourself two 3 to maybe 5 inches cutters with sharpened edges. It’s time to prepare your piece of wood. Use whatever good wood you have and shape its dimensions to whatever you are comfortable with. Something with the dimensions mentioned above should be good.


The next thing to do is to place both your saw blade teeth on top of your wood handle and screw them onto it. Take note, that A your saw blade teeth should be aligned and B the pointy end should touch each other almost overlapping.


Now that you have your teeth in place you may smoothen the handle. Use your sandpaper to do so until it’s now going to be a comfortable grip.


What else there is to do? We’re basically done with our DIY knife sharpener! Now, all you go to do is to clamp your DIY knife sharpener and you may sharpen your knives using the teeth accordingly. It should be able to accommodate multiple knife sizes and it should be very effective.


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Easy Knife Sharpening Hacks:

Let’s discuss a few things that you can use to sharpen your knives if you’re in a hurry, or if you don’t have time or the tools yet to make our DIY project above.


Yeah, let’s start with something more commonly used for this job. We think you’ll agree if we say that you always have sandpaper somewhere just lying in the house anytime, right? It’s inexpensive and just so versatile that you always have one handy.
So, make use of it the next time you want to sharpen your knife and fast. Which grit you’re going to be using depends on how much you want or need to sharpen your knife. Go with a coarser grit first then work your way up. A nail file should also be up for the job.

Leather Belt

Leather is not just for your fashionable jacket nor bag, it’s always been used for applications outside of clothing or apparel. That’s why your leather belt can be a quick way to go ahead and not really sharpen but to strop your knife if you need to do so in a hurry.
Use something that does not have any stitching, run your knife on its edge and away from its cutting edge so you may realign the blade of your knife. If a leather belt is not an option at the moment then the nylon strap on your bag should also be capable.

Another Knife

Have you seen butchers? Or any knife-wielding bad guy in the movies? If you did, then chances are you’ve seen them sharpen one knife against another and vice versa. The thicker spine of a knife may be used to help sharpen your knife in no time. This will work better should the secondary knife is a harder kind of steel.


Now we’re talking! When out in the woods, during camping, or hiking and you need to sharpen your knife. Just grab a smooth stone and use it to do so. It’s a quick survival tip too! Sounds cool? Of course, it does. You may also sharpen your knives on concrete, that’s an effective way to do so too.

Tips- How to Sharpening Your Knife?

Here’s a quick way to sharpen your knife should you don’t have any tools or materials.

  • Check the edge of your knife. So how do you know how bad is the condition of your knife? Well, get it under the sun or some bright light then goes ahead and hold up the edge. Reflections from nicks and flat spots should be visible enough for you to know which part you should concentrate on or if it’s time to sharpen it.
  • Use a thumbnail test for your knife. And please do be careful not to hurt yourself in the process. Slide the edge of the knife on your thumbnail and see if it catches off if it slides. If it’s the latter then it’s super dull.
  • Now use any of the items we mentioned above to sharpen your knife.
  • Last thing you got to remember to then store them the right way. Use a knife block, or a drawer, or wall strips whichever is available to you.


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Final Thoughts:

It doesn’t take much time to make a knife sharpener and it won’t take much of your time to sharpen the knives. Taking care of our tools is a habit that we should all practice. For it won’t only be cost-efficient for us but at the same time, it teaches us a lot of ways to go about our day to day chores without having to rely on just outright buying new stuff or calling the experts right away.

Plus, it’s quite healthy for us not just physically but mentally too. So before thinking about throwing those knives away or just letting them succumbed to rust, try our Easeful Kitchen DIY tips on how to make a knife sharpener at home.

Stay productive everyone!

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