How to Make a Homemade Water Filter (In Easy 5 Steps)

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Water is the very reason why there’s life on our planet. Without clean drinkable water, we may not survive at all. It may not be much of a problem for those who have instant access to potable water but there are people in poor countries that find it a struggle even to get a drink regularly.

But yeah, enough of the somber talk and let’s just say that you have a project to build. Or maybe just want to know how to make a homemade water filter or a DIY water filter just in case you need to do so when outdoors camping or hiking. You never know when you’re going to need one when there’s no clean water in sight.

How To Make Homemade Water Filter ( A Controversy Guides)

There’s more than one way to make your own DIY water filter but we’re going to more or less give you instruction on how to make a common concept. And, of course, using everyday items with some of it you may just have laying around.

Before we process it is important to take note that this project is best for kids as they learn a lot of things from it. By making their very own water filters, they not only learn what it is and how it works but at the same time, they get to know why they need to drink safe water all the time because of the risk water-borne diseases.

Also, this water filtration system that we are about to make can be used for water from lakes, rivers, and even groundwater. So rest assured that this is proven safe and effective.
As an overview, we’re going to have to go through the process of coagulation, sedimentation, filtration, and then disinfection as we go about making our DIY water filter.

Things: You’re Going to be Needing The Following:

  • 1 – 1-liter soda bottle
  • Paper towels
  • Gravel, sand, or potable aqua chlorine dioxide
  • Cups or scoops
  • Activated filter carbon
  • Containers such as pitchers or jugs
  • Garbage bag or any waste container
  • 2 – clean pitchers
  • Dirty water


Pre-cut your soda bottle in half. Get your dirty water ready as well as your sand or gravel ready for scooping for filtering in a bit.


The next thing to do is to put the top half of your soda bottle upside down like a funnel inside of the bottom half of the said soda bottle. The top half will be where the filter will be made and the bottom half is where the filtered water would go.


Next is to understand what the filter materials would contribute to our little project. Gravel and sand would help remove any large particles from your dirty water. The carbon that you’re going to add to the mixture should remove pesticides that might be in it. And lastly, chlorine should go ahead and improve the taste of the water.
You may put the filtration material in any order, but always remember that the napkin or paper towels should always be placed first.


After you’ve put the filtration materials in the top half of the soda bottle then it’s time to try it out. You’re almost done but not quite. Easy, right? Pour in your dirty water to your DIY water filter but don’t drink it just yet. You may have to filter the water, again and again, a few more times until it may be safe to drink.

Actually, we want you to try to mix up the filtration materials a little bit. What we mean by that is that you may want to put the filtration materials in different orders on more soda bottle made DIY water filter just for you to find out which combination of which filtration material goes first works best.

Take note that not because the water may look clean then it is safe to drink. Also, the carbon might make it look grayish. Rinse the carbon beforehand to prevent this. Compare the water from each filtering process to be familiar with it that in such time that you’d need to do this on the outdoors, you’re very good at it already.


Next is to pour in your filtered water into your pitchers and then add your chlorine dioxide to it. It may come in tablets or drops whatever you have handy. This is to make sure that we remove any harmful microorganisms or bacteria left in it.

So remember, that it should be a combination of filtering and cleaning it with chemicals to be sure it’s potable water. Most use the order of gravel, sand, gravel, and sand for their filtration process. You should try that too and maybe that works best.

Let’s Watch A Quick Video On it:


Other Water Filtration Tips, Tricks, and DIY Projects

As mentioned, there are a few other ways to go about a water filtration project. Let’s explore them.

A 2- Stage DIY Water Filtration System:

What’s better than a DIY water filter? A 2-stage DIY water filter, that’s what! This water filtration system has 3 sections. The first section is pretty much what we just made, the second section is the distillation phase which is pretty much what’s added and the “2nd stage” of this process, and then the third section is the container that will hold the filtered water.

This DIY project still uses the same carbon filtration system but the water then goes through a distillation process by, of course, heating it, and then goes to a container. No electricity is needed and this can give you clean water with about 99% of impurities filtered out in under 30 seconds.

Great for when you’re out camping or for survival situations.

Video: Multi-Stage Water Filtration System


So, Why We Filter Water?

Well, obviously for health reasons, right? Yes, that’s right but let’s get to the specific, shall we?

  • Filtering water should enable you or give you access to better tasting and smelling water to drink. And as we all know, if something does not taste or smells good then most likely there’s something awfully wrong with it like it’s full of bacteria and the likes.
  • It’s great for children. While adults due to our already develop immune system may handle toxins in the water that we drink better, children can’t. These toxins are not good for children’s bodies and might affect their growth in extreme cases. YIKES! Not only that but for pregnant women, drinking unclean water lead to birth defects.
  • It’s economical! You not only save money from having to spend on medicine or even hospitalization due to water caused diseases but filtered water is way cheaper than bottled water. You will surely save lots of money from DIY water filters.
  • Make the most out of water. Our body is made up of mostly, water. Water is in everything we consume, food, fruits, and of course, drinks. We must make sure that we drink healthy and clean water so we make the most out of what it can do for our bodies. Not only hydrate us but keep our organs healthy.

It’s a great DIY project for you and your kids to make together. It’s not just a science project too, you are teaching a practical and valuable life lesson. Again, not everyone has access to clean water, so a lot of people will surely benefit from knowing how to make a homemade water filter. CHEERS- Easeful Kitchen!

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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