How to Keep a Kitchen Clean and Organized

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If you think you’re struggling to find the necessary items in your kitchen quite frequently, maybe it’s time you gave your kitchen a new look. Besides, it’s a good move to change the look and arrangement of the kitchen once in a while to keep it lively and fresh.

But,how to keep a kitchen clean and organized? Well, to be frank, there is no ‘one rule fits all’ canon in organizing a kitchen. But there are certain arrangements you can make that can immediately improve the view and the functionality of your food haven.

In this piece, we will be talking about how you can make some amazing changes to your kitchen with minimum effort spent!


Assess the Need

So the first step to bringing change to your cooking zone is to keep a keen look at every single item in the kitchen. If possible, try to take every single thing out and assess the importance of it. Do you really need this one jar? Do you really go to use that sticky pan ever again?

These are the questions you need to ask yourself. The answers will help you separate the necessary items from the useless ones.

Clean it all up

Before you start rearranging the stuff, make sure you clean all the nook and corner. Use the most powerful washer you have got to get a deep clean. No one wants to put things back into a dirty corner anyway.

Decentralize Your Kitchen

Take a deep breath and look around the entire kitchen. There’s a cooking spot where the oven is, there’s the cleaning zone, and there’s the driest zone of the kitchen right there – these are some of the easiest ways to divide the kitchen into different zones.

Now once you’ve done that, arrange all the items that are related to cooking around the oven. For example, gather up all the cooking appliances like pans, cutting boards, knife, measuring cups, mixing bowls, blenders, etc., around the oven side.

Put all the cleaning ingredients – soap, dishwasher, cleaning foam, etc. near or beneath the sink in the kitchen.

Make a separate area for all the necessary accessories that are not frequently used or not related to cooking or cleaning directly.

And finally, create an everyday zone, as well. Here, you can place all the items you regularly have to use – like glasses, plates, spoons, cups, etc. This zone will have the easiest access for anyone in the house.

Position Your Items Perfectly

Now, within the zones, there can be sub-zones, as well. For example, the cooking zone can have two different levels of storage. One that contains the regularly used items, and the other that is not regularly used in cooking.

Take large pans and cooking bowls, for example. If you aren’t expecting guests every other day, there are very little chances that the larger cooking bowls are going to be used daily. So, you can separate these pans and bowls into two categories – parallel to eyesight and above eyesight.

Frequently used items will be kept at the eye level or beneath the eye level, whereas the rarely used one should be kept above eye level. This will save much more space and will add to the look of the kitchen, as well.

To separate stooges by eye level, one excellent way is to set up kitchen rack shelves. If you haven’t got the shelves by default, it’s better to make it on your own.

It’s quite a simple task to set up hanging kitchen shelves. Gather up a few sheets of wood that you find durable for such a shelf, use a reciprocating saw to make sure you cut out the useless parts of the wood before you try it on the kitchen.

Lastly, finish the cutting and shaping using different easy-to-use tools like a wood router, jigsaw, and other wood cutting devices. Before use a power saw you should know how to use a power saw.

A well-organized kitchen shelf will increase the fascinating look of your kitchen, let alone add to the functionality of it. It saves a lot of space and doesn’t cost you a fortune to build one, either.


Apply Some Life Hacks

Some simple yet pretty effective hacks can change the way you look at your kitchen once and for all. Here are some tips for that.

Use the Side of The Cabinet

If you notice carefully, the side of the kitchen cabinets are often left plain and as it is. Why should it be? Try nailing some screws or nails into the sides and hang the pans and the lids from there – easy storage confirmed.

Use Curtain Rod

Dig deeper into your backyard or the basement – you will definitely find some useless disposed curtain rods there. Clean the rod up and attach it to the kitchen wall. Put large pan lids between the gap of the rod and the wall – simple storage!

Use the Cabinet Door

Open the cabinet door below and observe the inner side of the door. Empty, right? Why don’t you dig some nails in it? Hang spoons and other utensils from the nail to save up more space on the open areas of the kitchen.

Build a Swing-out pantry

You can easily build a swing-out pantry on the empty kitchen wall. When the pantry is closed, nothing will be visible. But the moment it is opened, there will be three different store areas – the inner storage and the two inner door storages, as well. It will save a lot of space without even oddly stuffing things together.

There are many more hacks you can easily think of by looking around the kitchen. Try finding some more on your own!

Final Words

A kitchen is where your food is crafted. Out of all the places in your house, this is the one that needs special care and attention in being kept neat and tidy. If you have been wondering how to keep a kitchen clean and organized, we hope our piece has made it easier for you to make a move. If you’re going to give your kitchen a makeover, do let us know! We would love to hear from how what you’re up to!

Happy organizing!

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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