How to Clean Meat Grinder Plates? A Step By Step Guideline

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It’s quite obvious that you would wish for a clean and tidy condition when you’re going to grind meat with your meat grinder. And, that’s the reason you have to take proper steps for cleaning and maintenance purpose of the grinder machine.

When it comes to the discussion of maintenance or cleaning of a grinding tool, the first thing that knocks your mind is – How To Clean Meat Grinder Plates.

For every kitchen-lover, cleaning a meat grinder is somewhat a loveable job to do. And, cleaning the meat grinder plate is the most essential part of such kind of job.

Whether you have a manual meat grinder or an electric type, it is YOU who have to ensure that your grinding device is completely spotless when you will do the job of meat processing.

However, cleaning a meat grinder can be somewhat challenging, if you don’t have previous EXPERIENCE or a proper GUIDELINE.

Feeling a bit “WORRIED” now?

Well, here, we’re with a step by step guideline regarding the easy process of cleaning for your meat grinder plates.

Just keep reading on and get yourself acquainted with all of those required steps which you must have to “FOLLOW” while cleaning a meat grinder plate.

How To Clean Meat Grinder Plates

Step 1 – Cleaning Preparation

Yes, the procedure of cleaning the meat grinder plates starts right from the core functionality – “Preparation For Cleaning.”

Dirty meat grinder plate

At the very beginning, you have to remove all of those excess meats from the small holes of the grinding plates in order to make the entire

 cleaning procedure completely trouble-free.

Here, we have got a Pro Tip for You:

“Before you detach all the meat grinder parts with the aim of cleaning, it would be a wise decision to grind 2 bread pieces with your grinding machine. This bread grinding job will work for soaking up most of those meat pieces that are actually stuck or attached in different grinder parts – tubes, plates or blades.”

We’re recommending apply this “PROCEDURE” so that you can go for the “NEXT-STEPS” with complete ease.

In this case, you should remember the fact that a large amount of meat residue may probably be the reason for creating bacteria and germs in different parts of your meat grinder.

So, in order to keep your meat grinder free from all types of disease and sickness, just give your full attention while reading the next few steps.

Step 2 – Detaching Meat Grinder Plates

Here, in this step, you have to START with detaching the meat grinder plates from your meat grinding device.

Detaching Meat Grinder Plates

In this particular case, make sure you unplug the grinder from the socket before you start the task of disassembling those grinding plates.


“Keep in mind that you have to be patient while detaching those plates from your grinding device, otherwise you may face any sort of unexpected or unnecessary accidents.”

Pro Tip:

You must always remember that those cutting edges are very sharp and YES, there’s a possibility to injure your hand if you make even a slight mistake”

Step 3 – Cleaning By Hand

It is and will always be the BEST way to CLEAN the plates of your meat grinding tool with your own hands. There’re many people who prefer to clean the meat grinding plates with the dishwasher. Well, it’s TRUE that the dishwasher works for making the cleaning procedure a bit easier.

Cleaning By Hand

But, you must keep this in mind…

…there’s a possibility that the dishwasher may wreck the grinding plates because those are made of metal.

It may also reduce the sharpness of the holes (plate/blade holes) if you try the dishwasher a few times. And, consequently, this will surely reduce the efficiency of your meat grinder.

When the efficiency of the grinding plates or blades decreases, then your meat grinder will become nothing but a useless electric tool.

Step 4 – Use Light Warm Water (Soapy)

Use Light Warm Water

We would always recommend you to use light warm soapy water when you clean the plates of your meat grinder machine.

Here, in this particular step, you have to keep all those grinding plates in a bowl full of light warm soapy water. Keep the grinding plates in the soapy water for a period of around 15 minutes.

These 15 minutes will work for loosening all those stuck meat pieces and accordingly, it will work for making the cleaning process a bit easier.

When the mentioned time is over, take those grinding plates out of the water, and using a sponge or soft brush, slowly clean all the grinding parts. Here, you’ll require a bottle brush as this particular item is necessary to smoothly clean the grinding plates along with other meat grinder parts at the same time.

Step 5 – Storing the Grinding Plates Dry

So, we would recommend you to do the following:

 Storing the Grinding Plates Dry

When you’re done with cleaning all the meat grinding plates along with other parts, now it’s time to keep those grinding parts to get them dried.

Here, a question may make you confused for a while – “why would you waste your valuable time to dry those grinding plates?”

Well, the answer is completely “Clear-Cut” and “SIMPLE”.

If you don’t take steps to dry those grinding plates, then there remains a possibility that you may use those wet grinding plates on the next time you start grinding your meat grinder. And, this can cause a fatal incident without giving you any prior signal.

You can use a soft towel to soak all the water elements by wrapping up the body of those parts of your meat grinder. Then, you can keep all those parts under the Sun to dry them in a natural way.

However, never keep them under the Sun for a longer period of time.

Final Words

Well, this is all about our step by step guideline regarding – how to clean meat grinder plates.

We believe that we have covered almost all the necessary steps which you must have to get acquainted with regarding this topic.

But, if you have any other questions regarding the cleaning of your meat grinder, then you can knock us at any moment.

We’ll surely get back to you.

Happy Cleaning!

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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