• How to Use a Meat Thermometer in the Oven

    How to Use a Meat Thermometer in the Oven

    Whether you are a pro chef or just the designated cook for the family you can’t deny the value of a good meat thermometer. Versatile and good quality ones can work for a variety of meat and will prove to be a useful assistant in the kitchen. Whether you’re grilling, roasting, or using your trusted oven a meat thermometer is your best bet at making sure that your food is cooked right. You don’t want to learn the dangers of undercooked meat and how wasteful overcooked meat the hard way, right? So read on as we learn how to use a meat thermometer in the oven. What is a Meat…

  • How to Use a Digital Meat Thermometer

    How to Use a Digital Meat Thermometer

    Cooking meat especially if one is not a professional chef can be tricky and heat is an essential component that we need to get right if we want to achieve the flavor we desire. Plus, different types of meat conducts heat differently so you can’t cook them all the same way. You don’t want to lose a good slab of meat due to the wrong temperature, do you? None of us wants to. Plus, there are also some health concerns related to undercooked meat especially poultry plus overcooked ones will just go to waste. Having said all of that, we must utilize all the tools available at our disposal to…

  • How to keep a kitchen clean

    How to Keep a Kitchen Clean and Organized

    If you think you’re struggling to find the necessary items in your kitchen quite frequently, maybe it’s time you gave your kitchen a new look. Besides, it’s a good move to change the look and arrangement of the kitchen once in a while to keep it lively and fresh. But,how to keep a kitchen clean and organized? Well, to be frank, there is no ‘one rule fits all’ canon in organizing a kitchen. But there are certain arrangements you can make that can immediately improve the view and the functionality of your food haven. In this piece, we will be talking about how you can make some amazing changes to…

  • How to Make a Homemade Water Filter

    How to Make a Homemade Water Filter (In Easy 5 Steps)

    Water is the very reason why there’s life on our planet. Without clean drinkable water, we may not survive at all. It may not be much of a problem for those who have instant access to potable water but there are people in poor countries that find it a struggle even to get a drink regularly. But yeah, enough of the somber talk and let’s just say that you have a project to build. Or maybe just want to know how to make a homemade water filter or a DIY water filter just in case you need to do so when outdoors camping or hiking. You never know when you’re…

  • Where to Put Meat Thermometer in Turkey Breast

    Where to Put Meat Thermometer in Turkey Breast?

    When it comes to cooking turkey whether it’d be thanks giving or not. Measuring its internal temperature the right way is very important. Knowing the temperature of your turkey is a way to make sure that it’s done right and is ready to be served. Not only are we concerned about everyone’s health for consuming uncooked turkey can pose some dangers. But we want to make sure that tradition is done the right way. That’s why we EasefulKitchen Team wrote this article to inform people where to put a meat thermometer in the turkey breast. Read on, and we’ll answer that question and more, for you to properly cook that turkey. The…

  • How to Make a Knife Sharpener

    How to Make a Knife Sharpener at Home (DIY- in 5 Steps)

    Knives are one of those valuable tools we should always have by our side every time. Knives have multiple applications from cooking, cutting fruits and vegetables, to just basically helping us with our day to day chores. Lucky for us, most knives no matter the size and quality of the material it is made of are easy to maintain and not too hard to keep as sharp as we needed them to be. We have the option to DIY our very own knife sharpener and it ain’t so hard to do either. In this article, we are going to discuss a few ways on how to make a knife sharpener…

  • What is a Boning Knife Used For

    What is a Boning Knife Used For (Meat, Fruit & What Else?)

    Knives come in all shapes and sizes. For those who are not familiar with what goes on in the kitchen of a restaurant, your food is prepared by chefs using a variety of tools. And for chefs, their knife set is like the rifle they bring to battle. A boning knife is a part of a knife set and if you’re curious about what it does and what it’s all about then you’ve come to the right place, or should we say article. We’ve gathered a few interesting facts on what a boning knife is used for, and everything that comes in between. Let the chopping begin! What is a…

  • How to Clean Meat Slicer

    How to Clean Meat Slicer And Sanitize it Properly?

    Meat slicers are common in groceries, delis, restaurants, and just about in any place where there’s food being sold, prepared, or processed. Given that it handles food then it is only necessary that we observe proper ways and routines to clean them. There are standards on how one should maintain their meat slicers and that’s going to be part of our discussion in this article. So, where do you start on how to clean meat slicer? While the process is fairly simple and easy to understand it can get a bit dangerous BUT only if you are A) careless and don’t do it the right way, and B) if you…

  • how to make sausages with a meat grinder

    How to Make Sausages with a Meat Grinder Easily?

    Sausage- I am sure this term tickles your salivary homemade every time it’s mentioned. Whether made from vegetables or meat, a good recipe should water your mouth. It’s possible to make homemade sausages. However, the ingredients might not be readily available at the local grocery store, so if you are planning on making sausages for, at home, you will need to get ready with a meat grinder and a stuffing tool. This guide provides you with some tips on how to make sausages with a meat grinder. You might get minced meat from the grocery stores, but it’s not always flavored, or it might even be unhygienic for your home use.…

  • how to remove rust from a meat grinde

    How to Remove Rust from a Meat Grinder? (Easy Steps)

    A meat grinder is an essential tool in the kitchen. You can use it to grind meat and also to prepare sausages. With this device, you can easily control what parts of meat go into your diet. Meat grinders are bound to get rusty after some time, whether they are used or not. The way you maintain and clean your grinder determines whether it will rust or not. Rust comes about because the grinder gets in contact with air, moisture, and the meat that it grinds. I will give you some tips on how to remove rust from a meat grinder. If you don’t clean and store it well, the…