Cangshan S Series Review 2023

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Finding a good set of knives is like finding a great partner in life – well for chefs, that is. As you wait for your order in a restaurant or wait for dinner to be served on a usual evening at home what do you think goes around the kitchen as your food is being prepared?

Well, one thing is for sure, whoever prepares the said food needs a good set of knives to help them cut, slice, and mince the ingredients to perfection. But this is easier said than actually done if you don’t have great quality knives at your disposal. you should read changshan S series knife review before buying a knife.

So let’s take a look at the start of our article, this is a Cangshan S series review. Read on and you might just like what you’ll see!

Cangshan S Series 17 piece review (Beautiful Function)

Cangshan S Series

The Cangshan S series is a German forged knife block set that comes with 17 pieces of knives for you to utilize on various dishes. This is a complete set of knives and trusts us when we say that you’d probably be looking elsewhere or wanting for more once you get your hands on this series.

Key Features:

  • The knives are forged from German X50CrMoV15 high-alloy steel
  • All of these knives went through a multitude of steps including Ultra6 heat treatment
  • Long-lasting sharpness due to ice-hardening
  • Only expert bladesmiths hand sharpened and hand polished the knives
  • Ergonomic patented handle
  • Specially designed coating made from extra-fine diamond honing steel
  • Full tang
  • Black handle
  • Stainless steel rivets

What Comes with the Package?

  • 8 inches chef’s knife
  • 8 inches bread knife
  • 7 inches Santoku knife
  • 6 inches boning knife
  • 5 inches serrated utility knife
  • 5 inches tomato knife
  • 3.5 inches paring knife
  • 2.75 inches peeling knife
  • 6 x 5 inches steak knife
  • 8 inches honing steel
  • Forged 9 inches shears
  • Walnut block

Let’s discuss more this awesome kitchen knife set!

Cangshan S Series 17-Piece

What is it All About?

The Cangshan S series is all about minimalistic but beautiful design and function. The brand likes to describe its design as a contrast of the slim and sleek silhouette with expertly crafted smooth curves and angled lines.

Definitely, an upgrade to your traditional knife design but knife experts would agree that these blades still possess a classical touch to them. The design also focuses on the ergonomic and easy to grip handle for the brand knows how important it is to wield a knife easily and with a feeling that would make you comfortable as you work your way on your food preparations.

The knives’ weight was also not compromised and so you may wield these blades all day in the kitchen and won’t strain your hands as much. It’s meant for heavy kitchen usage and the knives are also pretty easy to clean up.

Premium Materials

What is German X50CrMoV15 high-alloy steel?

This type of stainless is most commonly used for kitchen knives. The public widely uses it. so that would be a testament to its quality being the go-to steel type for reliable knives. It’s got ultra-high rust resistance with almost perfect cutting characteristics which makes it ideal for a variety of knife types as well.

Knives that are made with German X50CrMoV15 high-alloy steel are perfect for not just home usage but also for professional chefs to wield. It’s got quite an excellent blend of hardness and durability right to the edge and this gives way for sharp and precise edges without any hints of brittleness.

To prove that point, this type of steel has a hardness of 58 +-2 on the RHR or Rockwell Hardness Rating plus this type of metal is also stain resistant.

What about its sharpness?

What is ICP? ICP is Initial Cutting Performance and is how you measure the sharpness of a knife’s edge right after it has been sharpened. The scale will indicate that anything over 110 is considered exceptional while anything under 30 is considered a poor performance.

As per tests, Cangshan knives in general have outperformed high-end German cutleries and average about 130 ICP. But what about the duration of its sharpness, surely that’s also something quite important to measure, right?

Right! That’s where TCC or Total Card Cut comes into the picture. TCC is utilized to measure how long a knife stays sharp and how long will it resist wear. A score of 550 is excellent while scores under 100 are considered poor.

Once again, based on tests done by experts Cangshan knifes scored a whopping 601 TCC while on average, what’s considered as excellent German cutlery an average of about 400 more or less.

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Products need to look good but great products use aesthetics and design to serve specific functions integral to their overall performance.

The curves and angles of the Cangchan S series knives aren’t just for show or happened by accident but are meant to let you hold it comfortably and you slice through your food. These knives’ seams are flush and they are pretty well-balanced.

They feel great to hold and you can grip them quite nicely. And the best part of designing a product is when it’s easy to clean and maintain. Especially for kitchen tools that are always greased, stained, and dulled by constant and heavy usage. Also, since we are talking about food, then the tools that we choose to use should also be sanitary, and that’s what this S series is all about.
These knives are designed to feel like an extension of your hands and a precise tool while you prep, cut, slice, mince, or chop any food ingredients for your favorite meal.

Bring on the HEAT

The knives go through ULTRA6 heat treatment, a process that brings out the best in steels. This is also quite essential to the process of getting the best and sharpest edges for the knives.

The treatment process is responsible for ensuring that the knives are not only hard enough but sharp enough to then create an edge of 16 degrees for the best cutting power. Then make sure that the knives’ edges are durable enough for heavy kitchen usage.

The knives are also hand sharpened and handcrafted, a quality that the brand is really proud of and why wouldn’t they be? This preserves the integrity of the knives and it shows because they are quite precise and effective in each of their function.


  • The knives overall feel stands out above the competition (well-balanced)
  • The grip on the handle really feels like it’s an extension of your hands
  • Sharp and long-lasting service life for the edges
  • Low-maintenance and easy to clean
  • Good-looking knives
  • The complete set would satisfy you for sure
  • Durable blades and crafted with passion
  • It can be a bit expensive for some
  • Some of the knives in its prices range can give it a run for its money



Frequently Asked Questions

Are these Cangshan knives dishwasher safe?
Yes, the knives are dishwasher safe.

We’re pretty sure that there are a lot of people asking if these knives are dishwasher safe but experts would probably disagree that you leave your knives for the dishwasher to clean in the first place.

These are handcrafted and hand sharpened knives so why would you clean them with a dishwasher? Besides, these knives are not that hard to clean and maintain anyway.

And get this, most kitchen knives have carbon in their steel and so you should be better off hand washing them. Even with some chromium in the knives it may still suffer from rust so be sure to just maintain it manually and let them dry accordingly overnight.

How to best maintain these knives?

Simple practices are always the best ways to keep your knives sharp and durable. Make sure to always make sure your knives clean and dry after every use. You may hand wash them with soapy water and simple solutions would do. You won’t need expensive formulas to keep your knives sharp.

Never leave your knives on the water soaking. Be wary if your knife contains carbon as they are a bit harder to maintain. They are highly reactive to acidic products so be careful with what you wash them with.

Then make sure to dry your knives with an absorbent towel, paper towels work quite well. Aside from your trusted knife block, you may also utilize a magnetic wooden strip, a leather scabbard, or knife wrap or roll to keep your knives secure.

Final Thoughts

Thanks for spending the time to check out our Chagshan S series review. We enjoyed preparing it as this is quite a wonderful product to have. Can be a bit pricey but trust us when we say that it’s going to be worth the investment.

They are durable, long-lasting, ergonomic, and beautiful knives that come as a complete set for all your kitchen needs. As mentioned, you’d never look elsewhere if you’ve tried the whole set. For you won’t need anything else as it comes as a full package.


As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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