Top 5 Bubba Knife Reviews in 2023

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Fishing can come as a hobby to some of you, while it’s more of a passion for others. If you are none of them, still you surely enjoy the process of preparing and filleting fishes.

And one brand that has won the hearts of many avid anglers is Bubba Blade. The specific features of the knives make them stand out in the overwhelming crowds of filleting knives. The exceptional handles with finger indents offer robust control and enable everyone—from amateurs to professionals—to make perfect and precise cuts. And ourBubba knife reviews below will help you understand why they are the best.

Also, feel free to stock up on a variety of sizes and options. They will come in handy while processing different fish types.

Let’s See In-Depth 5 Best Bubba Knife Reviews





  • High-carbon stainless steel material 

  • Titanium nitrate coating

  • Tapered flex blade

  • 4 different blade options

  • Antislip grip with finger

  • Ergonomic handle and trigger

  • 12-inch blade for larger fish filleting

  • Ergonomic handle

  • Solid contoured grip

  • Battery-powered

  • Battery life indicator 

  • Comes with four blades 

  • 9-inch blade length

  • Robust blade

  • Anti-slip handle grip

Bubba offers so many variations of filleting knives, including electric corded, battery-powered, and different sizes. Below are some of their high-quality products. Have a look and choose the best-suited one in terms of size, handle, power, and more.

1. Bubba 7-inch Tapered Flex Fillet Knife, bubba fillet knife review

Bubba 7-inch Tapered Flex Fillet Knife


Bubba knives have always surprised us with their unique handles, and the Bubba 7-inch Fillet Knife is no exception. The features they incorporate in the well-engineered handles are mind-boggling.

Furthermore, the thermoplastic polymer-made handles with textured non-slip grip provide firmer control while operating. And the trigger grip aids in a secure holding. It also features safety guards to protect your hands from the blade.

All these features result in a comfortable handle with robust control and safety. So, no matter how bloody or messier the process gets, it won’t slip off from your hands or injure you.
Now, what about the blade? The tapered flex blade is a well-balanced combination of rigidity and flexibility, making it flexible enough to fillet around bones precisely and rigid enough to cut through fish bones or heavy meat.

With 7 inches blade length, the knife has a total length of 13 inches. The length allows for operating on both small and bigger sizes of fishes. And its reduced thickness aids in effortless, precise cutting.

The high-carbon stainless steel blade with titanium nitrate coating is extremely strong-built, rust and corrosion resistant, and non-sticky. Cutting through anything is a breeze with this tool. And it includes a sheath for secure storage and carrying around.


  • High-carbon stainless steel material makes it a robust cutting tool
  • Titanium nitrate coating makes it non-sticky, resistant to corrosion and rust
  • Tapered flex blade is suitable for both flexible and rigid jobs
  • Textured, non-slip grip offers control and comfort
  • Comes with a sheath for storing it securely
  • Some issues with the blade being not razor-sharp were found



2. Bubba 110V Electric Fillet Knife

Bubba 110V Electric Fillet Knife

Yes, filleting large fishes requires much physical strength, and if you are processing fish in bulks, an electric fillet knife might be preferable. As a reputable and popular brand in the fishing industry, Bubba certainly knows that and thereby produces many high-quality electric knives.

The Bubba 110V Fillet Knife is one of them and probably better than mosts. This superior 110V corded electric tool comes with 4 different blade options, 12-inch e-stiff, 9-inch e-stiff, 9-inch e-flex, and 7-inch e-flex blade.

Well, that’s a perfect blend of their flex and stiff blades to have in your collection. With such variations of blades, filleting any fish size is a breeze. And removing and changing the blades is also effortless. You can dismantle all units for a thorough cleaning.

The tool’s 110V power is robust enough to cut through heavy meats and fish bones. And the unique air-flow system further increases the transmission output of the motor.
Moreover, the 8-feet long cord is adequate for your required mobility. Its8.5-inch handle is designed ergonomically with an anti-slip grip for comfortable and secure holding. The ergonomic trigger provides operational ease as well.

Furthermore, the serrated blades are made of high-carbon stainless steel, and the titanium coating makes it durable and resistant to rust and corrosion of any kind. You should read this bubba electric knife review before buying a knife.


  • 4 different blade options for filleting all fish sizes
  • Antislip grip with finger allows you to have a secure hold
  • Ergonomic handle and trigger offer operational ease
  • Unique airflow system maximizes transmission output
  • High-quality blade material provides rust and corrosion resistance
  • Gears might overheat and wear out due to long time use



3. Bubba 12 Inch Flex Curved Fillet Knife

Bubba 12 Inch Flex Curved Fillet Knife

Another great addition from Bubba. Bubba 12 Inch Flex Knife, with its long blade and heavy-duty construction, is a fantastic tool for cutting heavier meats and large bony fishes like tuna, wahoo, etc.

And because it’s a flex blade, it’s less flexible than tapered flex blades and more lenient than stiff ones. That makes an excellent tool for gliding through large fish’s bone and cutting through heavy meats.

The knife has a total length of 18 inches, with a 6-inch handle and 12-inch blade. Well, that’s quite a length. However, the full tang construction offers great balance, making the tool strong and suitable for heavy-duty fish cutting.

Also, as made of high-carbon stainless steel, it has razor-sharp edges, enabling you to cut through large fishes effortlessly. And the superior finishing prevents corrosion, rust, stains, and discoloration.

The ergonomic handle with a contoured grip ensures you have firm control and hold of the knife in slippery or wet conditions.
And the sheath? Yes, like all Bubba knives, it includes one too. It enables safer storage and carrying.


  • 12-inch blade for larger fish filleting
  • Ergonomic handle allows you to experience a comfortable hold
  • Solid contoured grip provides control and safety
  • Sharp edges give perfect and precise fillet cutting
  • Well-built and quality material makes it durable
  • Long blade can cause beginners to have a hard time handling


4. BUBBA Li-Ion Cordless Electric Fillet Knife, bubba cordless electric fillet knife review.

BUBBA Li-Ion Cordless Electric Fillet Knife


While cutting a bulk of fishes at a time using a manual knife, you need a lot of strength, and with an electric corded one, you must have a socket nearby. Bubba Blades thinks of it all and thus makes battery-powered knives as well.

The BUBBA Li-Ion Fillet Knife is a lot like the corded electric one described above, except it runs on a lithium-ion battery, thus giving you the power and relieving you of the cord. And if you worry about the battery running out, well, it includes a replacement battery and features a battery life indicator. So, you can monitor the battery usage and put on the second battery if you run out.

Also, the charging cord makes recharging the device really easy. Its8.5-inch exceptionally designed ergonomic handle is unlike any other brand knife handles. Apart from its perfect fitting in your hands, you get full control and secure holding of the tool with its textured non-slip grip.

The security lock and trigger guard are there for added security. Also, the exceptional combination of 2 stiff blades and 2 flexible blades is an excellent fit for all fish types and sizes. You get blades of variable lengths as well.

Finally, the molded carrying case stores all the units securely. You can detach all the parts for easy cleaning and storage.


  • Battery-powered, no cords needed
  • Since the battery is replaceable, you can change it anytime
  • Battery life indicator helps you monitor the battery level
  • Comes with four blades that fillet all sizes of fishes
  • All units are dismantlable for easier cleaning and storage
  • Handles might not fit smaller hands



5. BUBBA 9 Inch Tapered Flex Fillet Knife

BUBBA 9 Inch Tapered Flex Fillet Knife


Tapered flex knives have an advantage over stiff and flex ones while going around fish bones and making delicate cuts. And our last pick is the BUBBA Tapered Flex Fillet Knife, which comes with 9 inches long blade.

The knife is quite popular among anglers and fishers, with lots of positive reviews from the customers. Customers love the versatility the knife provides, along with its razor-sharp blades that slices fish meats effortlessly, especially the bigger carps, salmon, catfish, and others.

Also, the knife is among Bubba’s most iconic fillet style knives with flexibility and rigidity to make precise fillet cuts and cut through thick meat or fish bones. The blade length makes it an excellent pick for slicing and filleting medium to large fishes.

The ergonomic handle, anti-slip contoured grip, safety guards, and trigger grip provide you with control, comfort, and safety. So, no matter how messy it is, you won’t be worrying about it falling off your hands or inadvertently scratching your thumb. Also, the sheath is there to protect you and the knife while storing and carrying.

And finally, as no exception, the high-carbon stainless steel, and titanium nitrate coating prevent rust and corrosion, making it durable and easier to clean without worrying about stains and discoloration.


  • 9-inch blade length, suitable for medium to large fishes
  • Robust blade offers effortless cutting
  • Anti-slip handle grip prevents slipping off and provides a firm grip
  • Includes a sheath to cover the knife while carrying
  • High-quality material doesn’t rust, corrode, or stain
  • Blade size makes it challenging to cut through small fishes
  • Some complained about the blade getting dull after some use



Things to Consider Before Buying

Every knife from Bubba Blades is a top-notch tool. However, considering some factors before buying will make the tool worth your investment.

Blade Material

Most blades are composed of either stainless steel or carbon steel, with stainless steel being the most popular. Stainless steel alloy is composed of chromium and iron. And the presence of chromium makes the material highly resistant to stains, and they require very low maintenance.

Carbon steel, on the other hand, makes very hard knives with sharp edges; however, they are more prone to corrosion and rust. It’s easy to sharpen as well and holds sharp edges for a long time.
Another material that most quality tool includes is the high-carbon stainless steel. As the name says, it’s a blend of the two alloys—carbon steel and stainless steel—that produces corrosion and stain-resistant, razor-sharp solid blades.


Yes, the handle comes as an important priority because it not only provides you comfort while working but prevents many unfortunate accidents.
A lightweight, ergonomic design provides you with maximum comfort and reduces hand fatigue. And the handle grips give you control, firm grip, and prevents slippage in wet and messy conditions.

Now, a poorly designed handle can be extremely uncomfortable to use and dangerous. So, consider choosing one that fits well in your hand, easy to handle and maintain, feels comfortable, and doesn’t slip off.

Blade Length

Blades come in different lengths, and it depends on the user’s preference. Each size is suitable for a range of purposes and fish size. So, choose one depending on your filleting fish size.
The knives can be as small as 4 inches to as long as 12 inches. While smaller knives give you control while processing smaller fish sizes, larger blades are suited for filleting large fishes. A 6-inch and 7-inch blade can be considered medium-size blades and are good for small to medium fishes.


Flexibility is a quality that you should consider for filleting knives. Flexible knives are easy to bend, and filleting requires going around the bones and making delicate cuts. Thus, a tapered flex or flex blade better suits the purpose.

However, if you need rigid ones for cutting through large fish bones or meat, a stiff one is the way to go. you should read this bubba knives review also to get more information about the quality knife I think so.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Bubba fillet knives good?
Yes, Bubba fillet knives are extremely good. The quality material, well-engineered handle, and flexibility make them some of the best in the market. With such robust features, they are definitely worth your investment.

2. Can I sharpen Bubba blades?
Yes, for maintaining the peak performance, Bubba knives need sharpening. For this, the brand suggests using stone or butcher’s honing steel. If you’re going to use a sharpener, make sure the angle is between 20 and 25 degrees.

3. How flexible should a fillet knife be?
A fillet knife should be flexible enough to maneuver through fish bones. More flexibility means it bends easily and goes around bones with ease. However, a good combination of blade length, thickness, and flexibility is required for precise filleting.

4. Are filleting knives and boning knives the same?
No, they are not the same; however, sometimes used for the same purpose. The difference lies in the size and the purpose. Boning knives are thick, inflexible, and used for separating meats from bones.

Fillet knives are thin, more flexible, used to separate the skin from fish meat and debone it.

5. What size fillet knife is right for me?

Well, filleting knives come in many different sizes, and each one is suitable for a specific range of fish sizes. So, if you are fishing small fishes in freshwater only, a small 6-inch or 7-inch should be enough.

For larger fishes, consider having the long ones. And it’s always handy to keep multiple sizes in your collection.

Final Words

Well, we have come to an end with the Bubba knife reviews. The reputable brand has never disappointed its customers, and the products above are proof of that. Have a closer look at each product, and if you choose one according to your requirement, we are confident that you can never go wrong with a Bubba knife.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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