Best Meat Thermometer for Smoking Reviews and Buying Guides

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Getting the perfect rareness on your steak can be really hard work if you do not own a thermometer. Grilling meat, in general, can be a really frustrating and time-consuming activity, but doing it without a meat thermometer can result in an overdone or underdone steak.

What you want for your BarBeQue is the perfect doneness. It should neither be too cooked or less than that. The meat needs to be succulent and obviously soft and tender.
A meat thermometer in this case can be your best friend. The best thing about a meat thermometer is that you can use it for smoking as well. However, the wide range of meat thermometers on the market can make going for one product a really confusing process.

But we do not want you to worry about that!

In this article today we are going to review some of the best meat thermometers for smoking that you can currently find on the market. The thermometers that we have picked out for you today boast amazing quality and are constructed with only the best materials.

Continue reading this article till the very end if you want to know more about meat thermometers in general. We hope you find our chosen products to be helpful for your barbeque needs and requirements.

A Quick List of Our Top 6 Best Meat Thermometer for Smoking:

  1. ThermoPro TP20 Meat Thermometer
  2. Inkbird IBT Meat Thermometer
  3. ThermoPro TP88S Meat Thermometer
  4. ThermoPro TP17 Meat Thermometer
  5. Soraken Wireless Meat Thermometer
  6. ThermoPro TP07 Meat Thermometer


Let’s Jump on Deep & Details of Our Best Smoker Thermometer Reviews:


1. ThermoPro TP20- Digital Cooking Food Meat Thermometer

Digital Cooking Food Meat Thermometer


The first product on our list is this incredible ThermoPro TP20 meat thermometer for smoking. This incredible thermometer sports a bright orange color for the body, complete with a large LCD screen that displays all the information that you possibly need to know while smoking your barbeque.

This best meat thermometer for smoking has a hands-free, wireless design to it, which allows you to probe on two different items at the same time. The thermometer comes with a receiver that works well from a wide distance of even 300 feet at most.

This connectivity level is appropriate for those who are constantly on the move. You can enjoy spending time with your family and friends in the den while the meat cooks outside in the yard. The best thing is that you can still keep tabs on the level of doneness on the meat.

Ideal for a range of different meats, this amazing thermometer is perfect for smoking veal, beef, pork, chicken, and even fish. You can also attach the thermometer to your meat before you place it in the oven.

The stainless steel construction of the probe makes it resistant to burning out when placed in super-hot temperatures. You will be glad to know that this meat thermometer is completely approved by the USDA, so you know there is no shady business being operated here. The probe can withstand a temp of up to 716 degrees Fahrenheit.

When away from the product itself, you will be notified of the doneness of your meat with the help of the built-in alarm system. The product also has a backlight on it, which provides clear and detailed descriptions under low light settings. To power this baby up, you will be required to make use of 4 AAA batteries.


  • Wide range of features available
  • High-quality connectivity
  • The product comes with an alert system
  • Very accurate temperature descriptions given every time
  • Works well with almost all kinds of meat.
  • The grill clip on this thermometer is apparently not too firm.



2. Inkbird IBT- Wireless Grill BBQ Thermometer for Grilling:

Wireless Grill BBQ Thermometer for Grilling


Our next product on this list is this incredible Inkbird IBT meat thermometer. This wireless thermometer can work from a distance of 150 feet at most.

The probes on this amazing product are made of high-quality stainless steel, which can easily withstand up to 572 Fahrenheit at most. This temperature capacity is moderate enough to work well inside grills and ovens.

This best smoker thermometer sports a chic and modern external appearance. You will be getting 4 individual probes with this meat thermometer. The product is also pretty lightweight, so you can literally take it anywhere you want.

Connect this amazing product with your iOS or Android mobile phone, simply with the touch of Bluetooth connectivity. However, make sure to always keep your GPS connection or location showing at all times when using this product, or else the thermometer might not function well.

This unique product sports a magnetic body design, complete with a really large and wide LED screen. The display is also really smooth and bright with red illumination, so you can spot the temperature even under low light settings.

Equipped with a rechargeable battery, this amazing smoker thermometer can last up to 40 hours at a stretch. The four probes are all individual, so you can get different readings for different kinds of meat at once.

One key feature of this gorgeous and smart meat thermometer is that the screen is actually rotatable. So you can literally check the readings out from whichever side or angle you want. All you need to do is lightly double-tap on the screen to rotate it. Once the meat is cooked to the doneness that you want, this best smoker thermometer will alert you through the app with the help of the built-in alarm system.


  • Conveniently large LED screen with bright readings
  • Easy to rotate
  • The alarm system is loud enough
  • Durable and high-quality individual probes
  • Budget-friendly.
  • The distance covered is not too much.



3. ThermoPro TP08S- Wireless Digital Meat Thermometer for Grilling:

Wireless Digital Meat Thermometer for Grilling


The next product on this list is yet another best smoker thermometer by ThermoPro. The ThermoPro TP08S is one of the best out there if you prefer checking on your meat from a moderate distance away.

This amazing meat thermometer can easily cover a total distance of about 300ft without showing any sort of lags. The wireless design of this incredible product makes it a top choice for people who prefer staying indoors while their meat grills outside.

Coming down to the specs of this best meat thermometer for smoking, you can easily set your desired temperature to be achieved with the help of the high to low range setting. Once your desired doneness has been achieved, you will receive a pretty loud beep, alerting you that your meat has been cooked to perfection. The alarm system is completely built-in, similar to the batteries that come equipped in this thermometer as well.

The product comes with two individual stainless steel probes that can easily withstand up to 572 degrees Fahrenheit. The readings on this modern thermometer are very accurate and precise every single time.

You will be glad to know that this amazing thermometer can display two different temperature readings at once. The timer is also counting down constantly, so you can always have an idea about the doneness of your meat.

This best meat thermometer can work well with beef, pork, veal, chicken, fish, and even duck. The product is also very easy and comfortable to hold onto, thanks to the rubber casing that it comes with. Used by professional and amateur chefs alike, this effective and efficient best meat thermometers for smoking is perfect for home cooks.


  • Very lightweight product
  • The thermometer covers a moderate distance
  • High-quality individual probes
  • The product comes with a soft, rubber casing
  • Amazingly loud alert system.
  • The product is not too budget-friendly.



4. ThermoPro- Digital Cooking Meat Thermometer:

Digital Cooking Meat Thermometer


Further down the list, we have this ThermoPro TP17 meat thermometer. The product features a simple silver-colored body with a pretty wide LCD display. The display is also very bright, featuring large, black icons depicting the temperature and time.

Ideal for both professional chefs and home cooks, this amazing meat thermometer is one of the most modern cooking equipment that you can get for your barbeque parties. The thermometer is very efficient and effective in what it does. You will find two individual stainless steel probes equipped with this thermometer. You can also tweak around the temperature settings from low to high with the help of the buttons present on the screen.

This best meat thermometer for smoking can work well even from a distance of 300 feet at most. The stainless steel probes are all USDA approved, so you can use them inside ovens and pots as well. Similar to other ThermoPro meat thermometers in this article, the probes on this model can also withstand a total temperature of up to 572 degrees Fahrenheit.

You can even work pretty well under low light settings when dealing with this amazing meat thermometer, as it comes equipped with backlight settings. The magnetic back attached to this thermometer will help you place the thermometer on any kind of surface that you want.

This thermometer can work with a range of different meats, such as pork, chicken, turkey, beef, veal, and even fish. The probes are accurate and allow you to choose between different doneness settings for your cooking.

However, note that this meat thermometer is not waterproof at all, so do not soak it all over with water. For cleaning, only wet the cables and probes by hand. The entire product is not dish washer safe either, so putting them inside one can burn the product.


  • Very durable metal body
  • High-quality probes
  • Amazingly bright LED screen
  • Lightweight product
  • Budget-friendly.
  • The product is not water-resistant.



5. Soraken- Wireless Meat Thermometer for Grilling:

Wireless Meat Thermometer for Grilling


Further down the list, we have this amazingly compact and lightweight thermometer. This digital wireless thermometer can work effectively from a distance of 100 feet when indoors, and 170 feet while outdoors.

This compact, white-colored meat thermometer comes with a range of different temperature pre-sets that you can make use of to achieve the perfect doneness on your grilled item. The product is also approved by the USDA, so you know you can use it safely inside ovens and pots. There is also a timer equipped with this amazing product, so you can always have an idea about how cooked your meat is.

You will find 6 separate probes equipped with this best smoker thermometer. Each of the probes is made of high-quality stainless steel material, so they will not be prone to damage or rusting any time soon.

The 6 probes work individually so you can grill 6 different meat types at the same time. This amazing product works great with meats such as veal, beef, pork, chicken, etc. You can even use it to cook duck if you want.

For easy placement, this thermometer comes equipped with a magnetic back that helps it stick onto every kind of platform and surface. The magnetic back also helps it stay stable and provide only accurate readings. You can also attach the thermometer onto refrigerator doors or any other cool surface.

To keep yourself connected to the thermometer, you have to keep your Bluetooth and GPS connectivity turned on at all times. Make sure to have your location on even if you are using the product indoors.

The wires on the cables and probes on this amazing product are coated with a Teflon core so that they do not burn out due to the excess heat. The Teflon core on the cables and probes can easily withstand heat up to 716 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • High-quality Teflon core in all of the probes
  • Easy to understand features
  • The magnetic back is ideal for placement on any surface
  • Budget-friendly product.
  • Bluetooth connectivity is apparently not too strong.



6. ThermoPro TP07- Wireless BBQ Meat Thermometer for Grilling:

Wireless BBQ Meat Thermometer for Grilling


The final product that we are going to review today in this article is yet another amazing model manufactured by ThermoPro.

This high-quality product sports a bright orange color with a rubber casing all over it. Connect this product with your phone with the help of Bluetooth connectivity. Once paired successfully, this great smoker thermometer can easily cover a distance of 300 feet at most.

As mentioned before for some of the previous products, make sure to keep your location turned on at all times in order to receive the best results from this thermometer. Complete with 3 different backlight colors, this amazing product can work really well even under low light conditions. The product also comes with an alert system that produces a really loud beep whenever your meat has achieved the perfect doneness.

This amazing product also comes with preset temperatures that you can make use of to cook your meat. The temperatures can also be set to your preferences so that you can achieve the best results every time.

On top of that, this best meat thermometers for smoking also comes with a very useful timer mode that countdowns to the exact moment your cooking will come to an end. This will give you a heads up and allow you to prepare other meals in the meantime. Batteries are also included in the package.

This lightweight product is also very compact in size, so you can literally carry it anywhere you want. You can even program the thermometer to maintain a steady temperature for a specific kind of meat, while also keeping track of how cooked your veggies and other food items are at the same time.


  • Amazingly accurate and specific monitoring
  • Durable plastic built with rubber casing
  • High quality probes are made of stainless steel material
  • Very budget-friendly purchase.
  • The display is apparently not bright enough.



Features to Look Out For in the Best Meat Thermometer for Smoking Meat:

We know just how hard and confusing it can be to get the best meat thermometer for smoking out of the lot. There are too many famous brands and models on market today that choosing only one product can be really stressful.

But we do not want you to worry about that for too long as in this buying guide you are going to learn everything there is to know about the best meat thermometers for smoking in general.
In this buying guide, we are going to cover everything there is to know about meat thermometers in general.


As you might have noticed by now, all the meat thermometers that we have reviewed in this article. Are made of really high-quality materials, such as ABS plastic. This material of construction is ideal enough for handheld thermometers, as you will be placing them quite a distance away from heat anyway.

However, make sure the plastic material is strong and does not emit harmful toxins when placed near heat, because that will be really poisonous for you and everyone around you. The toxins might seep into the meat being cook, which could further have disastrous effects on your body.

It is even better if the meat thermometer that you want to invest in comes with a rubber casing all around it. The rubber casing will prevent the product from heating up too much while also making it comfortable for you to hold onto the product in the first place.


The main point of owning a digital meat thermometer is to be able to stay away from the item being cooked and spending time doing other things. This is why a high-quality meat thermometer for smoking should come with a loud alert sound.

The built-in alarm system will alert you whenever the food is cooked through. The product should also have a countdown system that will help you keep track of the doneness of the meat.


The Bluetooth connectivity of the meat thermometer should also have a really good range so that you can walk around the place without having to worry about the product losing its connection with you.

A good distance coverage usually falls on the 250-300 feet end of the spectrum. However, most average meat thermometers will provide you with a distance coverage of only 170 feet or so. This coverage or range can also be less when indoors, being limited to only 100-120 feet at most.

Measurement Method:

A high-quality meat thermometer will allow you to easily switch from Fahrenheit to Celsius and vice versa within a couple of seconds. This feature is crucial as it makes the product really versatile and useful to people of any expertise level.

The Probe:

The probe of the meat thermometer should be made of really high-quality stainless steel. This material will generate heat properly, while also receiving accurate readings every single time. A high-quality meat thermometer should also come with at least 2 individual probes which will let you cook two kinds of meat at once. This feature is very convenient for the user as you will be getting to finish cooking faster and more efficiently.

On top of that, the probe should not be prone to rust or corrosion, so that you can clean it with soft soap and water after every use.

Really high ended meat thermometers will usually come with 4 probes at once, which is one of the best deals you can get. However, if that seems too expensive for you, go for meat thermometers that come with at least 3 individual probes at once.

Safety Precautions- To Use Meat Thermometer in Smoking:

Even though meat thermometers are generally very safe to use and come with well-protected ends, it still does not hurt anyone to take some safety precautions into account or consideration beforehand.

You definitely want to be reading this section if you have never used meat thermometers before in your life.

Wear Kitchen Gloves:

Honestly, the most important and crucial safety precaution that you can take while dealing with meat thermometers is to wear kitchen gloves at all times. Even though there should be no reason for you to directly touch the ends of the probes when using a meat thermometer. It is still recommended that you stay on the safe side and wear durable and warm kitchen gloves at all times.

Not only will kitchen gloves keep your fingers safe from the probe, but they will also protect the rest of your hands from heat and burns. If you have kids around, make sure to also equip them with strong kitchen gloves whenever they come around the grill itself.

Check the Temperature:

Even though a meat thermometer is perfectly capable of balancing out the temperature when your choice of meat is cooking, you should still manually check up on the cooking process in order to make sure your food does not get under or overcooked.

Checking the temperature of the item being cooked from time to time will not only keep it from being cooked too much, but you will also be able to prevent the meat thermometer from getting damaged due to overheating.

You do not want to burn the probes out in the long run.

Probes Should Stay Dry:

One of the most dangerous things that you can do is attach a wet probe to the meat thermometer. This will not only burn the probe out but could also possibly result in a short circuit inside the meat thermometer itself. If the latter case does indeed take place, you will suffer from serious injuries as well.

Make sure to always completely dry out the probes after you have cleaned the tips of it thoroughly with water and soft soap.

Only Clean the Tips:

Cleaning the tips of the probes is literally the only part you should be targeting after every usage. You do not want to go over the entire probe and clean it with water and soap, as that will greatly damage the product by promoting rust and corrosion.

Make sure to only clean the tip of the probes with warm water and soft soap. Take a bit of soap onto a soft cloth and gently clean the area which was inside the meat. You should try to stay away from the cable that is attached to the probe, getting the cables wet possibly damage the Teflon core on the inside.

At the same time, do not press hard on the probes when cleaning. If there are stubborn bits still stuck to the product, just leave it like that instead of forcing it to come off. The internal core can be really fragile and delicate, so you do not really want to damage them by exerting too much pressure on the probes.

Know-How to Keep a kitchen & organized?

Frequently Asked Questions (Faq’s):

Now that we have reached the end of our information section, let us quickly take a look at some of the questions most customers have regarding meat thermometers in general.

How deep can I go with my meat thermometer?
You should only go a few inches deep into the meat when using a meat thermometer. Simply stick the probe ends into the meat and don’t force it any further.

Do meat thermometers come with batteries?
Most meat thermometers come equipped with batteries in the package, however, other brands might require you to purchase batteries separately.


Every barbeque enthusiast should have a meat thermometer in their inventory, as this little equipment can act as a total game-changer for your cooking. We hope you found our article regarding the best meat thermometer for smoking to be efficient and valuable to your needs.


As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Best Meat Thermometer for Smoking Reviews and Buying Guides
Best Meat Thermometer for Smoking Reviews and Buying Guides
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