Best Meat Grinder For Venison [Reviews-2023]

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Are you looking for the best meat grinder for venison? If yes, you are in the right place. Here in this article, we will try to show you the best meat grinders for venison explaining technical and essential features to look for while buying. Everyone has different choices. This comprehensive and simple guide will help you to choose the best meat grinder for venison.

It is very tough to choose the right meat grinder if you do not have familiarity with the necessary features that a standard grinder should have. Maybe, you already have used one or two for a certain period of time but are not happy with the performance. Technically speaking, it all depends on the core functionality and the manufacturing materials of a grinder that makes it unique.

In the first half of this guide, we are going to show you the top 5 best meat grinders for venison having stunning features. The second half of the guide offers a “buyer guide” to help you pick up the right one for you. This guide also includes a FAQ section to answer all of your potential questions. Here some good meat grinders for venison. So, let’s go ahead:

Best Meat Grinders for Venison

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1. LEM Products 1158 Mighty Bite Electric Meat Grinder

The Mighty Bite Electric Meat Grinder made by LEM is one of the best meat grinders for venison available on the market.  It comes with 3 stainless steel plates and 3 plastic stuffing tubes. The grinder is not too loud, functions flawlessly, and takes a snap to operate and clean. This is one of the best-rated meat grinders for venison.

Let’s explore some key features offered by this grinder:


  • Food Types: It is a good choice to grind a lump of venison as well as raw meat of any other animal. It handles even the toughest tissues without bogging down. It can easily handle a 25lbs batch of meat for sausage making.
  • Durability: Made of long-lasting aluminum motor housing, it comes with durable gears. To make sure that you do not worry about the durability, LEM offers 1 year of factory warranty with this product. This warranty is further strengthened with 30 days money back guaranty.
  • Ease: This grinder comes with a heavy duty handle for easy moving. It weighs 16.5 lbs. which makes it quite easy for you to carry it to your place. It is very simple to operate the Mighty Bite Grinder. You just need to wash the washable parts, assemble and then turn it on. If everything goes right, feed the venison meat into the feeding tube. That’s easy, isn’t it?
  • Cleanability: As it comes with stainless steel feature, you do have nothing to worry about rust or anything to harm its body. It is very easy to clean due to its polished and strong body.
  • Accessories: Along with 3 stainless steel plates (3/16”, 3/8” and stuffing) and 3 plastic stuffing tubes (1/2”, 1” and 1-3/8” OD), it includes meat stopper and 5’ cord stores under housing.
  • ETL approved
  • 1 Year Warranty
  •  Easy to carry and handle
  • Meat pan holds up to 3 pounds of meat
  • Run smoothly by 500W/1000W Watt peak power with 120V motor
  • Full and slow speed as well as plus pulse reverse setting to help you control the meat grinding process.
  • Permanently lubricated motor
  • Built-in circuit breaker
  • Long-lasting gears and aluminum construction
  • Goofproof stainless-steel knife
  • Overheats easily

2. Chef’s Choice 720 Professional Food/Meat Grinder, Metal, One Size

The Chef’s Choice 720 Professional Food/Meat Grinder is manufactured by Chef’s Choice. This is another exceptional meat grinder for venison. It comes with a compact design and powerful motor of 350-400 watts. Having cutting-edge, gear focused system for better output, it works even with the strongest meats. Let’s explore some core features available on this grinder:


  • Food Types:  With Chef’s Choice 720 Professional Grinder, you can grind fruits, meats, cheese as well as vegetables very easily. This will help you to grind meat of any types, vegetables, cheese, fruits, nuts, fish, bread etc. to make burgers, sausages, pates, appetizers, sandwich and many more mouth-watering foods. It is the perfect choice for making burgers and soups, meat loaves, as well as any additive-free foods.
  • Durability: If you are concerned with durability, then this grinder has a good deal to offer you. It comes with two years of limited warranty. The stainless-steel grinding plates and advanced gear focused system ensure the lifespan of this awesome grinder.
  • Ease: This grinder is very light. It weighs only 10.87 pounds that makes it easy to move. It comes with 3-way control switch, for grinding, stuffing then reverse. It has combined handle for high portability and storage.
  • Cleanability: It is very easy to clean. But, we do not recommend you to use a dishwasher to clean it. Rather, use your hands or something soft to clean the parts to prevent damage.
  • Accessories: This grinder comes with 3 stainless steel plates for grinding, forged grinding as well as sausage stuffing kit. They allow you to grind meat in different sizes and mince sausages according to your requirement.
  • Sharp, metal construction, heavy-duty grinder
  • Powerful motor capable of producing up to 350-400 watts
  • Can grind about 3.5 lbs. of meat every minute
  • Ideal for grinding venison
  • Large capacity
  • 3-way control switch
  • Overload protection
  • Combined handle higher portability
  • Two years limited warranty
  • You cannot wash it in the dishwasher

3. Nesco FG-400PR Professional Cast-Aluminum Food Grinder, 380-watt

Nesco FG-400PR Professional Cast-Aluminum Food Grinder is one of the most extraordinary grinders in the present market. Manufactured by Nesco, it can process up to 5 pounds of meat per minute. It has an easy-to-operate reverse function that allows for safe removal of blocked food. It comes with stainless-steel blade and die-cast aluminum construction. Let’s see some core features that it offers:  


  • Food Types: This grinder is ideal for grinding meat, poultry, sausages, pates, appetizers, relishes, salads and many more. Perfect for processing venison into hamburger, sausage, and other delicious foods.
  • Durability: Made of die-cast aluminum housing, it comes with stainless-steel blade and grinding plates. Nesco provides a 1-year warranty with this grinder.
  • Ease: With the powerful motor, it is very easy to process all kinds of meat. It weighs 14 pounds which is pretty flexible for such an outstanding grinder.
  • Cleanability: It does not take much effort to clean. You can disassemble it and clean it with dishwasher.
  • Accessories: This grinder includes three sintered stainless-steel plates for fine, medium, as well as coarse grinding with two different-sized sausage tubes. It has die-cast aluminum housing, die-cast metal auger and feed tube.
  • Powerful 380-watt motor. Dependable performance
  • Can shred, grind, as well as fill sausage casings
  • Oversized aluminum hopper can hold about 5 pounds of meat
  • On/off switch with reverse feature
  • Stainless-steel blade and three sintered stainless-steel grinding plates
  • Works awesome for making your own jerky or sandwich spread, appetizers and relish.
  • Easy to clean
  • One-year limited warranty.
  • Produces quite loud sound.

4. Weston Pro Series 22 Electric Meat Grinders, 1-HP – 750 Watts

Weston Pro Series 22 Electric Meat Grinders, 1-HP can grind about 725 lbs. meat every hour. It is a great choice for small shops, restaurants or anyone who wants to grind his meat at home. This meat grinder comes with all the necessary accessories that you’ll need to prepare your own meat.

Let’s explore some fundamental features available on this grinder:


  • Food Types:  It handles venison, elk, moose and any other type of fibrous game meat with ease.
  • Durability: Featuring stainless-steel plates and cutting blade, all the metal gears are bathed in oil for smooth quiet operation and lifetime of use. It is guarded with 1-year limited warranty. This grinder is UL and NSF/ANSI Standard 8 Approved.
  • Ease: You can make snack sticks with the -Inch Cyclone-Inch auger. Simply use the grinder with the snack stick tube. Thanks to the stuffing star, there is no need to re-grind the meat. It will grind meat as well as soft bones for preparing pet food easily.
  • Cleanability: It comes with stainless-steel housing which makes the grinder very easy to clean. It also contains detachable safety guard on the pan for relaxed cleaning.
  • Accessories: This cool meat grinder includes stainless steel knife for grinding, 2 grinding plates, 3 sets of funnels for stuffing sausage, Stuffing spacer/star & a heavy-duty stopper.
  • Offers highest grinder speed
  • Quiet performance as well as rugged durability
  • Lubricated and air cooled motor
  • Made of stainless-steel
  • Easy  cleaning and storage
  • Higher portability
  • 1-Year limited warranty
  • Best for restaurant and home use
  • It comes with two grinding plates while most of the grinders come with 3 grinding plates
  • It struggles to grind hard bones

5. LEM Big Bite Meat Grinder

LEM Big Bite Meat Grinder is great for smaller grinding projects. It is quitter while in use. It has Modernized Brushed Steel Finish. This grinder weighs about 26.5 pounds.

Let’s dive into some basic features available on this grinder:


  • Food Types:  This grinder allows everyone to make delicious jerky, sausage, and other meat items whether you are an amateur or professional.
  • Durability: This grinder covers Lifetime Customer Support and 5 Year factory warranty. The stainless-steel housing of motor and the metal gears help it to last for years.
  • Ease: It is very user-friendly. It has heavy duty handle which makes moving the grinder much easier. It contains added tray in the body for knife and plat storage. The extended auger pulls more meat in less time.
  • Cleanability: No matter how much meat you process at a certain time, it is not a big deal to clean this grinder. You yourself can easily disassemble and clean it following the user manual.
  • Accessories: This meat grinder comes with head, stainless steel knife, auger, pan for meat, stainless steel plates (coarse and fine), 3 tubes for stuffing and lastly, a meat stopper.
  • Lubricated motor with better-quality grease formulation
  • Can process up to 30 lbs. in 10 minutes
  • Built-in circuit breaker
  • 5-year factory warranty
  • Lifetime support for customers
  • ETL Certified.
  • Very handy
  • Consumes low power
  • While processing moose, it clogs up easily
  • The neck gets hot after heavy work

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How to Find the Best Meat Grinder for Venison?

It may be a very challenging and daunting task to choose the best meat grinders for venison out of the hundreds available on the market. If you cannot choose wisely, you may end up being frustrated. So, it is very important that you have some technical knowledge about meat grinders to choose the one so that you don’t regret in the future.

This guide is designed to help you inform some core aspects of a meat grinder for venison. Let’s talk about some very crucial factors to keep in mind while you buy a meat grinder that would serve your purpose properly. Here it goes:

The Body Material

There are several materials that are used to make meat grinders. Among them, steel and plastic are the most common ones. Most of the heavy-duty grinders are made from stainless steel whereas some grinders are made of plastic. Let’s discuss some aspects of body material here:

  • Sometimes, a grinder may only have certain parts made of stainless steel. It is not enough, as it makes the other parts of it prone to rust. So, If your grinder is made of steel. make sure that all the parts of the grinder including the blades are made of stainless steel.
  • Don’t forget to check the durability of the blade first. Sometimes, the blade of a meat grinder for venison may not be capable enough to squeeze the coarse pieces of meat. As a result, it may break out.
  • If you want to buy a steel made meat grinder for venison, make sure it has rubber pads below the stands.


Multi-functionality adds an extra advantage to your grinder. If you have a multi-functional grinder you can process almost all sorts of food. Now let’s have a look at the checklist:

  • The funnel should be wider so that you can put almost all sizes of meat and food.
  • There are some stainless steel heavy duty grinders that can also perform tasks such as grinding chicken bones or coarse slices of meat. If you want one grinder for grinding venison, you should choose one with good performance in grinding bones.
  • If you want to mince sausage, look for whether the grinder comes with stuffing tubes or not.
  • You can also see the features whether the grinder also processes vegetables and nuts. It helps you saving time.

Additional Accessories

Accessories are very crucial because it allows you to process meat over different sizes and also mince other types of food like making sausage.

  • Typically, most of the meat grinders for venison should come with two or preferable three plates.
  • The grinder should also come with one or more stuffing tubes. These tubes can help you to stuff sausages.
  • Some grinders come with a meat pusher which is also essential to ensure the safety of your hands. It keeps your hands away from the blades and helps you to push the meat through the blades.

Ability to Wash

It is good to wash your meat grinder after use. Sometimes it becomes tough to approach a certain part of a grinder for not having the disassembling feature. Now let’s explore some of the features we must look inside a grinder in order to ensure its cleanability:

  • As discussed earlier, make sure all the parts are made of pure stainless steel. Otherwise, washing it can make it rusty.
  • The steel made grinder should have a wide opening or disassembling facility.


You may have a budget to pay for the best meat grinder for venison. But, at the same time, you have to find the quality-product. Some products may seem very cheap, but the quality may not be up to the mark. So, it would be a wise decision to have a budget to buy the best meat grinder for venison that will serve you for years.

Usually, meat grinders are not that much expensive. But, you need to be careful about the fact that the grinder you are buying is worthy of the money you are paying.

How to Grind Venison?

If you need some ground venison, you can ask your local butcher to grind some for you, or you can pick ground and pre-packed version from a grocery store. However, doing these will not give you the satisfaction you can get by grinding venison by yourself. With a good grinder, this process is enjoyable and easy.

Plus, you’ll have total control over what goes into your diet when you do the grinding. This will ensure a healthy and delicious end product. I will take you through some tops on how to grind venison.

For the highest quality and freshest flavor meal result, grind the venison only when you need it. If you buy ground and pre-packed venison or you grind and store it for some time, you’ll sacrifice on some shelf life, freshness, and quality.

Here are the steps you need to follow when grinding venison.

It is Easier to Grind Partly Frozen Venison

Ever tried grinding meat that’s partly frozen? Those who have used meat grinders for some time agree that partly frozen is easier to grind. So before you grind your venison, have it thawed until a knife can easily get through it.

Everything should be kept cold. If possible, below 400C. If you put the venison in a freezer, it can take less than 45 minutes to attain that temperature. So, factor in that time into your total grinding time. If there’s enough room in your freezer, you can also put the grinder parts such as the neck, auger, and blades into it. Don’t put electrical components into the freezer.

When both the grinder and the venison are cold, the grinder will cut through the venison so easily and will not smear it on the blades.

Start By Trimming

For better results, it’s better to start by trimming off the fat and the silver skin (gristle) from the meat before you feed it into the hopper. This is more helpful if you are using a small grinder. You have to eliminate the gristle and silver skin from the meat because they can reduce the efficiency of your grinder by getting wound up on the blades. In case that happens, you’ll have to waste some time cleaning the blade and restarting the process.  

You can then dice or slice it into one inch wide cubes or stripes. That will make it easy for you to feed the meat into the grinder. If you are using a manual grinder, smaller cubes or slices are better because you’ll not have to spend a lot of energy grinding.

The Bigger the Grinder, the Better

You can easily get tired grinding venison using a small grinder. They get clogged fast, and you also spend a lot of time grinding even small amounts of venison. This is because you’ll have to stop more often to clean the blades.

If you want to enjoy the grinding process, and to get high-quality products, invest in a bigger and more powerful grinder. It may cost you a little more at the time of purchase, but it will pay off in the future. With such a grinder, even the gristle can’t get stuck on the blades. It will get ground into pieces, and the good news is that it wouldn’t interfere with the taste and texture of the final product.

Consider Adding Some Fat

All kinds of venison are pretty lean, so you’ll need to add some fat when grinding them. This will make the grinding process easier and will also improve the texture and taste of the venison. However, you aren’t supposed to use the same fat you removed from the venison because it gives the meat an objectionable and robust flavor. Instead, you can use beef suet, which you can get for free at most stores.

Do not add too much fat, just about 20 percent of the weight of the venison is enough. It is best first to grind the venison then grind beef suet. Mix the two in a bowl and knead them together. Rerun the mixture in the grinder for better results.   

Grind the Venison Twice

Grinders usually come with two dies or grinding plates that are different. There’s a fine die whose holes are about an eighth of an inch in diameter, and coarse dies whose holes are about a quarter-inch in diameter. If you are lucky, you may get a third plate whose diameter is mid-way between the fine and the coarse die.

For better results, start with the coarse die plate, then replace it with the fine die plate and grind the meat for the second time. The blade should be over the auger, and everything should be secured in place. Ensure everything is tight and nice, so the plate and the blade can work harmoniously for the best cleanest and best grind possible.

Use an Affordable Patty Press

You don’t need an expensive party press while grinding venison. Patty presses and great tools used to ensure your burgers come out with uniform shape and size. They are also used to press the venison into a compact form that doesn’t fall apart when you are cooking. If you wish, you can press all your venison into patties immediately. Then you can just break up the pieces you need for your spaghetti sauce, tacos, or casserole dishes.

Grinding venison is an art that you can learn over time. Initially, things may get messy and tiring, but as time goes, you’ll become an expert and get hooked to the habit of grinding your own venison. You can get a powerful grinder to make things easier.

You have a choice between an electric grinder and a manual grinder, depending on the amount of venison you want to grind.

When handling the meat suet, wear some gloves to protect your hands against the grease. Once you are done grinding, disassemble the grinder, clean it thoroughly, and then store it well to await the next grinding process.

How To Prevent Meat Grinder From Clogging

Clogging is a very common case that happens with meat grinders. Tough meats and fatty bones are responsible for this. That is the very reason you need to consider the power of the grinder before buying. By the way, if you have already bought one and face clogging in the grinder, use these techniques to minimize the problem of clogging:

  • Before grinding, you need to make sure that you have removed the silver skin. It is because ligaments, sinews and fascia are very tough, thin and clingy that clog your grinder easily. Use a sharp, narrow blade to take connective tissues out of your meat.
  • Before pushing your meat inside grinder, try to cut the meat into smaller pieces. If you want to put your venison with 3-4-inch cuts, it is very likely to clog. Try cutting your venison to 1 inch long, and thin similarly.
  •  Put the venison, the blade, and auger in the refrigerator for around half an hour before you grind the meat. This will keep the venison and other necessary gears pretty cold and will help to grind better.
  • You have to sharpen and clean the blades and plates regularly.
  • Do not use your grinders to grind bones if the manufacturer has not featured that grinder for that purpose. Choose one grinder that can handle bones along with bones. Otherwise, your machine is going to clog.

Why Choosing The Best Meat Grinder Is Important?

None can deny the importance of a good meat grinder. Here are the reasons why it matters:

  • A good meat grinder will make your meat processing easier. It saves your valuable time and labor.
  • A good meat grinder is rust-resistant and made with food-grade materials. This helps you to stay healthy.
  • You can enjoy the durability of the grinder along with its sharp blades for years.
  • They are extremely easy to clean. Disassembling and assembling is quite easy.
  • They are safe for your hands along with the surface where they will be placed.
  • You can do multiple tasks with them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the core benefit of using a meat grinder for venison?

Meat grinders for venison have the ability to process a bulk amount of venison slices within a very short time. It saves your toil and time at the same time.

How can I choose the right meat grinder to grind venison for me?

It all depends upon your need. I will advise you to choose the one that comes with a warranty and after sales service. You also need to pay attention to power to ensure quality.

Where can I find the best meat grinder for venison?

You will easily find the best one if you apply all the evaluation steps that we have mentioned in this guide. By the way, in this guide, we have featured those 5 meat grinders for venison that seemed extraordinary for us for their great features. You can choose any of them according to your budget and needs.

How much price should I pay for a meat grinder for venison?

A standard grinder for venison would cost you around 100$ to 500$. But it’s always advised to consider the features as well as benefits more than the price.

How long does a meat grinder for venison last?

A well-maintained meat grinder for venison can last for years if you take care of it properly and use fairly.


Finally, we believe that after reading this guide, you have got a complete understanding of how to get the best meat grinder for venison. We have reviewed some of the best meat grinders for venison out in the market. You have also got ideas on what to look for if you wish to get the best meat grinder for venison in a limited budget. Now, it is time to buy one and enjoy mouth-watering venison right at your home.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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