Best Manual Meat Grinder Reviews (Top Brand)

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You are already here means, you looking for the best manual meat grinders in the market but still not certain about the technical and essential features to look for while buying. This comprehensive guide is designed to help you for evaluating every aspect of standard manual meat grinders so that you can choose the best one for you.

Choosing the right manual grinders can be a difficult task if you aren’t familiar with the compulsory features a standard grinder can offer. Maybe, you’ve been using one for a certain period of time, or perhaps, you aren’t satisfied with the efficiency of your machine. Technically speaking, it all depends on the core functionality and the manufacturing material that was used in the process of manufacturing your grinders.

There are some manual meat grinders that are not only made for grinding meat, but also offers diversified features such as vegetable grinding, or in some cases, grinding chicken bones.

Now you might be wondering, how come a manual meat grinder has this special ability to carry out tasks such as grinding chicken bones? Well, that’s only because of the strong capacity and durability of those grinders which can outperform most of the other tasks.

Our Reviews Structure; In the first part of the manual meat grinder reviews is, highlighting and talking about some of the best manual meat grinders in the current market.

And the second half of this guide will contain “buyer guides” that will help you to pick up the right one for you.

We have also made an FAQ section to answer every potential question. So let’s begin.

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  • Rust-resistant body made of stainless steel

  • Offers a variety of different food to grind and mince

  • Durable and Cast Iron Construction.

  • Rubber pads protect the countertop.

  • Two stainless steel screens offers a fine mincing plate and coarse mincing plate, and a free bowl.

  • 3 different size sausage funnels

  • Offers a bunch of food to grind and mince

  • Powerful suction base on the bottom

  • Durable & made with cast iron construction

  • Rubber clamp pads to protect the surface.

  • Diversity of food to grind and mince.

  • Stuffing filter to make sausages.

  • Portable & easy to carry

  • Built-in pasta maker

  • Durable plastic and stainless steel blade

  • Features a suction cup base to stay firm

  • Wide range of food to grind or mince

  • Features powerful suction base

  • Diversity of food to grind and mince

  • Made with food-grade plastic

So, Let’s get started;

1. LEM Stainless Steel Clamp- Best Manual Meat Grinder for Bones

LEM Stainless Steel Clamp Grinder

The Clamp-on Hand Grinder made by LEM Clamp-on hand grinder is one of the best stainless steel manual meat grinders available on the market. It comes with one knife and one stuffing star. The knife itself is so sharp that you can easily grind almost all sorts of meat cuts along with other food.  This is one of the best manual meat grinders Amazon. Let’s explore some of the features offered by this mincer.


Food Types: The LEM hand grinder offers a diversity of raw food and vegetables you can grind easily in your kitchen. Although it’s specialized more in grinding raw meat, you can easily grind all sorts of vegetables and food with it. Besides, the three stuffer tubes allow you to stuff delicious sausages and ground meat.

Durability and Construction: The LEM manual meat grinder has heavy-duty stainless steel and a highly polished finish which allows you to process meat without concern about rust. Besides, it also ensures more durability of the whole body. You can easily grind meat, chicken bones, and other raw food because of the sharp knives inside the grinder. Sometimes we feel worried about the durability of our grinder, but this 8.65-pound grinder solves this issue.

Ease and Anchoring System: This grinder offers a wide opening and better anchoring system on the clamp which allows you to place it on any table or countertop. Besides, the handles turn very smoothly so that you can process your meat without putting much pressure.

Clean-ability: As it has a stainless steel finish, you can easily wash it without experiencing any rust condition. Besides, it’s quite easy to clean because of the polished body.

Accessories: The mincer features two stainless steel plates whereas one is coarse 3/8” and the other is fine 3/16”. You’ll also get three stuffing tubes of 1/2”, 3/4” & 7/8” size respectively. These will help you to make delicious sausages of different size by yourself. It also contains one stuffing star.

  • Rust-resistant body made of stainless steel
  • Highly polished and Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Offers a variety of different food to grind and mince
  • Comes with two plates and three stuffing tubes
  • Some countertops might not be a perfect fit.


Tips: Also Huanyu Meat Grinder is an alternative as stainless steel meat grinder. Check Price


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2. Weston Tinned Meat Grinder- Best Manual Meat Grinder for Deer

Weston Tinned Meat Grinder

The Weston Manual Meat Grinder is a great choice for meeting all the daily and occasional meat processing of your kitchen. This sausage stuffer comes with three stuffer tubes and two steel plates. It has a hover opening & nylon auger bearing. The rubber pads below the stands protect your countertop from being damaged. If you’re looking for both durable and multi-functional grinder, the Weston manual meat grinder can be a good choice. Especially for that chef and food hunter. Let’s explore some of the features offered by this Weston meat grinder:


  • Food Types: With the Weston manual grinder, you can perfectly process meat and chicken in your kitchen. You’ll be able to grind them on both coarse and fine shapes. You can also mince different size sausages with the sausage stuffing kit.
  • Durability and Construction: The body of this grinder is fully made of cast iron and offers you extreme durability for long time use. The full mincer weighs about 23.1 pounds and has a heavy-duty nylon auger bearing. Besides, it also offers a strong handle. The grinder plates are also made of carbon steel so you don’t have to worry about its overall durability.
  • Clean-ability: The mincer has a disassemble feature so that you can effortlessly clean it consistently after using it. This makes the cleaning task much easier for you.
  • Accessories: The Weston grinder offers two steel plates of 4.5mm and 10mm in size and three stuffer tubes range from 14, 19 & 20mm respectively. They allow you to grind meat in different sizes and mince sausages according to your requirement.
  • Durable and Cast Iron Construction.
  • Easy to clean with a disassemble feature.
  • Rubber pads protect the countertop.
  • Heavy-duty nylon auger bearing.
  • Offers two steel plates and three stuffing tubes.
  • Requires a bit of pressure on the handle.


3. Kitchen Basics- Heavy Duty Manual Meat Grinder (Three-in-One)

Kitchen Basics 3 N 1 Manual Meat Grinder

This manual multi-functional grinder made by Kitchen basics is one of the best manual meat grinders for any kitchen. This unit of meat grinder offers you a ton of foods to grind and mince. You can not only process meat or chicken but also grind vegetables, beans or garlic. The three different size funnels offer you to make perfect sausages. Let’s explore all the features of this grinder:


  • Food Types: As you can see, it’ll let you grind meat, chicken, vegetables, beans, or garlic effortlessly within a short time. You can also crush nuts and make two types of pasta with this grinder. Besides, you can also make delicious & different size sausages through those stuffing tubes.
  • Ease of use and Construction: The grinder is made from high-quality plastic and can be placed anywhere in the kitchen or house. It weighs only about 1.9 pounds which means, you cake carry it to anywhere you want including your family picnic.
  • Clean-ability: The grinder has an easy-clean facilities “Dishwasher safe” facility which means you can clean it effortlessly on your dishwasher. It saves you a lot of time and hassle.
  • Accessories: The grinder comes with three different size sausage funnels which enable you to make all sorts of sausages for your family.
  • Portable and easy to carry.
  • With two stainless steel screens, it offers a fine mincing plate and coarse mincing plate, and a free bowl.
  • Easy clean and dishwasher safe features.
  • Comes with three different size sausage funnels.
  • Light duty tool- not fully durable.


4. Gideon Hand Crank- Best Hand Meat Grinder for Home Use

Gideon Hand Crank Meat Grinder

The Gideon Hand crank manual grinders can be an amazing and top quality manual meat grinder for your kitchen. You can grind almost all kinds of food effortlessly with this mincer. The heavy-duty plastic with a portable feature makes it more convenient for you. this is one of the best manual meat grinders for home use. Let’s look at some of the features offered by this Gideon Hand crank manual grinder kit:


  • Food Types: You can grind almost all kinds of food and meat including red meat burgers, juicier meatballs, casseroles, tacos, ground beef for spaghetti sauce vegetables, garlic, fruits, and so on. This aesthetically designed tool can be useful to grind all sorts of meat and food with its sharp & stainless steel blades.
  • Durability & Construction: The grinder is made from a heavy-duty plastic material. So you’ll be worry-free about its durability for years. Besides, it also has stainless steel blades and fine mincing plates. It also offers powerful suction cups feature on the bottom which keeps it firmly attached to the surface of your table or countertop.
  • Ease: The grinder comes with a meat pusher that makes the grinding process much more comfortable for you. Besides, the blades of this grinder are fully enclosed which ensures the ultimate safety of your finger.
  • Clean-ability: The grinder is completely Dishwasher safe and handy in cleaning. Just put it on your dishwasher after disassembling the parts.
  • Portable and easy to carry.
  • Offers a bunch of food to grind and mince.
  • A powerful suction base on the bottom to place firmly.
  • Dishwasher safe & easy to clean.
  • Takes a bit more pressure on coarse meat.


5. Chard HG-10 Meat Hand Grinder

Chard HG 10 Meat Hand Grinder

The HG -10 manual meat grinder by chard is a great choice for any kitchen. It offers a tin-coated & cast-iron body which makes it so much durable. You can easily grind all kinds of meat alongside make delicious sausages with this mincer. Let’s look at all the features and benefits offered by this tool:


  • Food Types: This grinder is designed to grind all types of meat including beef, chicken, lamb and burger patties, etc. As it comes with three different sausage stuffer filters, you can also grind or mince sausages for your hamburger meat and processed ground meat.
  • Durability: This mincer is made of a strong tin-coated and cast-iron body which ensures its durability from all aspects. Besides, the total weight of this tool is near 6.7 pounds.
  • Ease: The grinder has rubber clamp pads below the stands which fully protect your table or countertop from being damaged. Besides, the handles are very easy to turn.
  • Clean-ability: The disassembling feature of this mincer makes it so much convenient for cleaning purposes. It also has a large thumb screw that can be easily opened to remove the poly handle which also makes the cleaning process easier.
  • Durable & made with cast iron construction.
  • Offers a wide range of food including sausage.
  • Features rubber clamp pads to protect the surface.
  • Easy clean & disassemble feature.
  • Comes with 3 different size stuffing tubes.
  • A bit difficult to crush chicken bones.


6. Cypressshop Manual Hand Crank Mincer

Cypressshop Manual Hand Crank Mincer

Here comes a unique one! If you want a grinder that cannot only grind your meat but also make noodles and mix essential food ingredients for cooking, the Cypressshop manual meat grinder is for you. The grinder also comes with a stuffing filter to make delicious sausages. Let’s see all the features offered by this grinder.


  • Food Types: The Cypressshop hand crank mincer offers a diversity of food choices to grind and mince. You can crush ground meat, chicken, lamb, burger patties as well as vegetables. You can also mince sausages with the sausage stuffer tubes and mix necessary food ingredients with this grinder. In fact, it also allows you to make noodles by yourself. 
  • Durability: This Hand Crank Mincer is completely rust-resistant and durable. It has heavy-duty bearings and offers a hand crank. The complete body of the grinder is around 1.43 lbs. and made with food-grade materials that are completely safe for all kinds of food. 
  • Clean-Ability: These manual grinders have an easy-clean & disassembling feature that allows you to separate all the parts & approach all areas.
  • Accessories: The Cypressshop also comes with a stuffing filter which you can use to make delicious sausages.
  • Offers a diversity of food to grind and mince.
  • Durable and rust-resistant.
  • Handy clean and disassemble facility.
  • Comes with a stuffing filter to make sausages.
  • Not features any surface protector.


7. Useful-Manual Meat Grinder, Mincer, and Pasta Maker

Useful Manual Meat Grinder Mincer and Pasta Maker

The Manual Meat Grinder & Pasta Maker made by Useful can be an amazing choice for your home kitchen. It’s portable, light-weight and beautiful. It comes with two different grinding plates. This compact, easy to use grinder is very much convenient to carry anywhere. Let’s look at all the features offered by this tool;


  • Food Types: The grinder not only has the ability to grind ground meat items but also can make amazing pasta for your home recipe.
  • Ease: The grinder only weighs about 1.46 pounds which allows you to carry it to anywhere you want including your family picnic.
  • Clean-ability: This beautiful manual meat grinder can be disassembled. You can easily separate all the parts to clean them right away after use. 
  • Accessories: The grinder comes with two grinding plates which you can use to grind meat of both coarse & fine size.
  • Portable & easy to carry.
  • Built-in pasta maker.
  • Easy to clean & disassemble facility.
  • Comes with two different grinding plates.
  •  A bit difficult for meat with fat.


8. SOLOOP- Hand Crank Manual Meat Grinder

SOLOOP Hand Crank Manual Meat Grinder

If you want an amazing and unique light-weight manual grinder that you can carry anywhere, the SOLOOP Manual is the right option for you. This amazingly designed and powerful grinder can crush all sorts of meat, fish & vegetables. Here are all the features offered by this grinder:


  • Food Types: The SOLOOP Hand Grinder allows you to grind all types of meat and fish including beef, chicken, or lamb. Another cool feature is you can crush onion & pepper with vegetables through this meat grinder.
  • Durability: This 2.5-pound manual meat grinder is made from heavy-duty plastic and has high-quality stainless steel blades on the plate. This ensures durability and efficiency while grinding any meat or food.
  • Ease: The handle of this grinder is very easy to swirl and has a powerful suction base on the bottom which allows it to keep stay on the surface firmly.
  • Clean-ability: The grinder has extremely easy clean features. You can just apply warm soapy water all over it and it will subsequently ready to use for the next time.
  • Durable plastic and stainless steel blade.
  • Portable & easy to carry.
  • Features a suction cup base to stay firm.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Difficult to crush strong items like chicken bones.


9. Simple Being- Powerful Suction Base Manual Meat Grinder

Simple Being Powerful Suction Base Manual Meat Grinder

Alike the name suggests this simply designed but powerful manual grinder can be the right choice if you’re looking for a light-weight but durable grinder. Also, this tool unit is made from heavy-duty plastic and has stainless steel on the blades. You can not only grind meat and chicken but also crush vegetables or herbs as per your requirement. Let’s look at all the amazing features offered by this grinder:


  • Food Types: This grinder lets you grind all kinds of meat including beef, chicken, lamb, ground meats, etc. You can also grind vegetables, fruits, garlic, peanuts, and all kinds of herbs with this grinder.
  • Efficiency: The grinder features stainless steel blades that have the ability to carry out all difficult meat processing tasks efficiently. Besides, its powerful suction cups keep it firmly on any countertop.
  • Ease: The whole grinder is very light and easy to carry anywhere. It weighs only about 2.03 pounds and features a meat pusher that keeps your fingers away from the blade. The blades are fully enclosed which ensures more safety.
  • Clean-ability: The grinder is complete “Dishwasher safe”. You can easily disassemble the parts and clean them after every use.
  • Offers a wide range of food to grind or mince.
  • Portable & easy to carry.
  • Features powerful suction base.
  • Dishwasher safe & easy to clean.
  • Less Durable.


10. TOPULORS-Manual Meat Vegetable Grinder

TOPULORS Manual Meat Vegetable Grinder

The Last one on our top-rated list, this light-weight kit is designed for you if you’re looking for a manual grinder that can perform all the major tasks of a heavy-duty grinder while being compact & portable. It can grind meat, chicken, and also mince all types of vegetables with its sharp blades. Let’s explore all the features offered by this grinder:   


  • Food Types: This small kit has the capability to grind all sorts of meat including beef, chicken, and lamb, etc. Besides, it can also crush your vegetables and other food within a short time.
  • Ease: Although it weighs only 2 pounds, it has also powerful suction cups. The blades are made of stainless steel and can effortlessly crush all kinds of meat and vegetables. They are made from food-grade steel and ensure the healthiness of your meal.
  • Clean-ability: The grinder is quite effortless to disassemble. You can easily separate all the parts and clean them consistently after use.
  • Accessories: The grinder comes with a meat pusher. This enables you to be safer and prevent your fingers away from the blade.
  • Offers a diversity of food to grind and mince.
  • Light-weight & easy to carry.
  • Made with food-grade plastic.
  • Comes with a meat pusher.
  • A bit difficult to approach the rotor area while cleaning.


Let's Watch a Video on TOPULORS Grinders

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Buying Guides- How to Find the Best Manual Meat Grinder?

Now, we all know that there are hundreds of other manual meat grinders made by different brands are available on the market. But selecting the right one can be sometimes a challenging task for us if we aren’t familiar with all the technical and essential aspects of a standard grinder. Consequently, we buy the wrong one and get disappointed very shortly.

So in order to eliminate this problem, we have designed this comprehensive guide for you, so that you can have an effective and professional knowledge about all the essential features of a standard manual meat grinder before buying. Now, we will talk about some of the most crucial aspects you must consider while selecting the perfect grinder for you. So let’s begin:

Body Material and Construction

There are a handful number of manual grinders in terms of their body material. But steel and plastic are in the most common category. Most of the heavy-duty grinders are made from stainless steel whereas some other portable grinders are made from pure plastic. Now let’s see some of the essential aspects you must consider before choosing a steel or plastic grinder for you;

  • Sometimes a grinder may only have certain parts made of stainless steel and your grinder may subsequently become rusty after using it a couple of times. So you’ve to make sure all the parts of the grinder including the blades are made of stainless steel.
  • Check the durability of the blade first. Sometimes, the blade of a grinder may not be capable enough to squeeze the coarse pieces of meat. Subsequently, it breaks out after experiencing mass pressure from the side.
  • If the grinder is made of pure plastic, you have to make sure it’s made of heavy-duty plastic and has sharp blades. We all know that plastic made manual grinders are very much handy because of their portability and weight. But as a grinder must retain a strong capability to perform professional meat processing, the quality of the body material shouldn’t be overlooked by us.
  • If you want to buy steel made manual meat grinder, make sure it has rubber clamp pads below the stands. Because it will help to protect your surface or countertop on which you will place the grinder.
  • Cast-Iron made manual grinders can also be a great choice. They pretty much have the same durability as the stainless steel and are easier to clean.


Now you might be wondering, how come I find a multi-functional manual meat grinder? Well, it’s not fully about the “functionality” or features a grinder can offer. It’s more about how many types of food we can be able to grind on that machine. So if we summarize this point, if you have a multi-functional grinder you can squeeze almost all sorts of food. Now let’s explore the appraisal checklist:

  • The funnel should be a bit wider so that you can put almost all sizes of meat and food. In addition, a standard size is always acceptable unless it’s too much wide or short.
  • There are some stainless steel heavy duty grinders that can also perform tasks such as grinding chicken bones or coarse slices of meat. Whereas, most of the plastic made grinders only offer basic meat grinding. So you can always look for its peak potential & durability whether it can perform such tasks.
  • If you want to mince sausage, look for whether the manual grinder comes with stuffer tubes or not. A grinder that has this facility generally comes with two or more different size sausage tubes.
  • You can also see the features of whether the grinder also processes vegetables and nuts. There are many grinders that also have this feature apart from meat grinding.

Additional Accessories

Now we have to see how many accessories are offered by the manual meat grinder. Accessories are absolutely important because it allows you to process meat over different sizes and also mince other types of food like making sausage. Let’s see some of the points to remember:

  • Typically most of the manual meat grinders should come with two or more plates. They can range from 4 mm to 10 mm in size whereas the first stands for fine mincing and the second are for coarse mincing. These allow us to grind the meat as per our size requirement and according to the meal, we’re going to cook.
  • The grinder should also come with one or more stuffer tubes. You can easily stuff sausages with the help of these tubes.
  • Some grinders come with a meat pusher which is also essential to ensure the safety of your hands while processing. It keeps your hands away from the blades and helps you to push the meat as long as it goes fully through the blades.

Availability to Wash

One of the most challenging tasks of using a manual meat grinder is to clean it consistently after use. Sometimes it becomes harder to approach a certain part of a mincer for not having the disassembling feature. Others maybe have the facility to clean without necessarily separating the parts. Now let’s explore some of the features we must look at inside a manual grinder in order to ensure its Clean-ability:

  • As we’ve discussed earlier, if you’re buying a steel made grinder, firstly make sure all the parts are made of pure stainless steel. Otherwise, washing it might even cause it to become rusty which is very much frustrating.
  • The stainless steel construction made grinder should have a wide opening or disassembling facility so that you can wash it consistently after use. Not-to-mention, it also keeps your food healthy and hygienic.
  • Some heavy-duty plastic-made mincers have a “Dishwasher safe” feature which makes them quite easier for you to clean. Simply look for the features before buying. They must also have a disassembling facility for manual washing.

Safety and Protection

Now we’ll talk about some of the safety features that should include on your manual meat grinder. We all know the importance of being safe while conducting any work. And, meat processing is definitely not different from that. But it doesn’t always have to be physical; sometimes we use some machines or tools that can harm our other accessories or furniture. Let’s look at some of the safety signals we must look for while selecting our perfect grinder:

  • If you’re buying a stainless steel manual mincer, chances are they should have three or more stands that can hold it on a table or countertop. You have to make sure they are covered with rubber pads because; the pressure and weight from the grinder can make damage to the surface of your table or countertop.
  • A manual meat grinder that comes with a meat pusher is always preferable because it keeps your hand or fingers away from the blade and ensures more safety.
  • Some portable grinders that have a strong suction base allow them to stay firmly on the surface of a table or countertop.


Now, before talking about the price, we all know that there are some electric grinders that can cost hundreds of dollars. But according to our comprehensive survey, we found that manual meat grinders are much more affordable and offer more convenient features than electric ones. You can find them for less than a hundred dollars. Now let’s explore some of the exclusive benefits of using manual meat grinders:

  • You can find them more affordable than the electric ones. The price starts from $22 and goes up to $100 which is absolutely a budget-friendly expense for a heavy-duty non-electric mincer.
  • Most of them have a disassembling privilege which enables you to consistently wash them after use. Some of them are also “Dishwasher Safe” which is extremely convenient for cleaning.
  • You can carry most of them anywhere as they are portable and require no electricity.

Why Choosing the Best Manual Meat Grinder is So Important for you?

If you’ve gone through the whole guide, you may have discovered some of the amazing benefits of the top manual meat grinders available on the market. Maybe, you’ve used one before. Or maybe, you’re going to buy your first one. In both cases, let’s learn about some of the crucial reasons why it is so much important for you to choose the best one:

  • A good manual meat grinder will make your meat processing much easier and effortless for you. You can be able to grind a bulk amount of meat or vegetables within a short period of time and without pushing a lot of pressure on the machine.
  • A good manual meat grinder is rust-resistant and made with food-grade materials. This allows your food to stay healthy and hygienic and prevents any potential germ or bacteria. 
  • You can enjoy the durability of the mincer along with its sharp blades which will last for years without being broken or damaged.  
  • They are extremely easy to clean. You can separate or approach the necessary parts for cleaning purposes which also prevents you from a lot of hassle.
  • They are safe for your hands along with the surface where they will be placed.
  • You can do multiple tasks with them. Some basic manual mincers only offer meat grinding. However, you can grind almost anything with a good manual grinder which undoubtedly makes it an essential appliance for your kitchen.

How to Maintenance of your Manual Meat Grinder?

Now we’ll learn about some of the exclusive maintenance strategies for your manual meat grinder. Meat grinders are one of the most essential appliances of your kitchen.

Maintaining it regularly can increase its durability. Besides, cleaning your mincer regularly can keep your food more healthy and avoid them from germ or bacteria. Let’s consecutively explore all the essential strategies for maintaining your grinder:

  • Clean your meat grinder immediately after use: Usually, when you crush some meat with your manual mincers, they usually left some oil and grease on the blades. It subsequently passes all the areas of your grinder and become dry and crusted after a short time. So it is recommended for you to clean the parts before it happens.
  • Grind some bread through the plates: This will help to absorb all the oil and grease left by the meat. You can do it before disassembling and cleaning the mincer.
  • Clean it with warm water and & dish detergent: Before washing your manual grinder, take a bucket full of warm water and put some dish detergent. Now, disassemble all the parts of your grinder & soak them on the bucket. Wait for 15 minutes. It will remove all the remaining oil and grease from the parts.
  • Use a bottle brush to clean the blades: After soaking for fifteen minutes use a sponge to scrub all the parts. But be careful while cleaning the blades. It may cut your finger because of its sharpness. Use a bottle brush to clean those blades. And don’t forget to scrub the parts thoroughly.
  • Use food-grade mineral oil to prevent rust: When you are done with the cleaning process, dry all the parts completely. Now, you can fill in a bottle with some food-grade mineral oil and spray it on all over the parts. This will help them to stay rust free for longer.
  • Store the parts individually on sealable plastic bags: Now you should find some sealable plastic bags and store all the parts separately on them. You can also add some rice to each bag which will help to absorb all potential moisture.
  • Store them in a refrigerator (if possible): Your parts will stay better in cold conditions. If possible, you can keep them on your refrigerator which is also a great idea. But we do realize that it will eat an awful amount of space from your refrigerator. So instead of keeping them for long, you can dry your parts first and then place them on your refrigerator for about an hour. It will definitely enhance the performance of your manual meat grinder right away after bringing them back for use.

Worthiness- Manual vs. Electric Meat Grinder

Are you wondering whether to choose between a manual vs. electric meat grinder? Getting a great meat grinder is the best way to control the meat ingredients to include in your diet. It is also a way of ensuring the meat has your choice of ingredients.

Furthermore, if you have a family member who can’t eat meat bought straight from the store, grinding them some meat is a good way to show how much you care for them.

Read on to find out manual vs. electric meat grinder and how you can choose between the two.

Manual Meat Grinders

Manual meat grinders don’t need electricity or a battery but your power to grind the meat. Once you insert the meat into the grinder, you’ll have to rotate a crank to grind it.

Features of manual meat grinders

Easy to clean: Since they have no electrical component, these mincers are very easy to clean. You can easily disassemble it then use water and soap to clean the different parts.

Simple design: Manual meat grinders have simple designs because they have few parts.

Small in size: They don’t have big motors so they are not as bigger as electric meat grinders.


Highly durable: When taken good care of, these grinders can last longer than electric grinders

Affordable: They are not as expensive as electric meat grinders.

No extra costs: Manual meat grinders don’t use electricity so they won’t add anything to your electricity bills.

Ease of movement: You can use manual meat grinders anywhere because they don’t depend on electricity. They are also easy to move because they are small in size.

Easy to repair: Manual meat grinders are easier to repair than their electric counterparts. Their spare parts are also easily available and less expensive than those of electric grinders.


Low power: The manual grinders depend on human power, so they don’t have as much power as electric grinders.

Tiring: When you have to grind large quantities of meat using the manual grinder, you are bound to get tired. As you get tired, the final pieces of meat you produce will not have uniform sizes. This is because your efficiency will go down. This can be worse if you have to grind hard meat and/or bones. Furthermore, having to push the meat manually into the grinder also consumes so much energy.

Safety issues: For ground meat, it shouldn’t get exposed much to the environment because it can get contaminated. Therefore, the less it gets exposed the better. With manual grinders, the exposure of meat to the environment will be much longer than in the case of electric grinders.

Electric Meat Grinders

As the name suggests, an electric meat grinder operates using electricity. It has a motor that spins its grinding blades. Electric meat grinders come in different configurations and sizes. 

Features of electric meat grinders

They come in different configurations: Electric meat grinders have different performance and wattage levels. This means you can grind meat at varying blade rotation levels.

They have a complex design: An electric meat grinder has many parts comprising electrical components, grinders, and blades.

They are heavy: The motors used in these grinders are big and powerful. That’s what gives them additional weight.


More power: They can grind hard meats and bones. They also have different settings that you can use in grinding at different speeds. They are great for grinding large quantities of meat.

Added safety: These grinders are safe to use and are also safe for the meat itself. This is because the meat never gets into contact with the environment in the kitchen. It is also easy to add meat into the grinders through the attachment provided.

Easy to use: Since it uses electricity, you’ll just add the meat and then switch it on. You don’t use your energy to push and to grind the meat.

They are versatile: You can use an electric meat grinder on different types of meat and produce different sizes of pieces of meat.

  • They are expensive: In comparison to their manual counterparts, the electric grinders are somewhat expensive. This is because the out shell comprises high-quality materials. If you need additional blades, it will even cost more than the ordinary price.
  • They depend on electricity: Without electricity, you can’t use an electric meat grinder. Meaning if there’s a failure or power cut in your home, you’ll have to wait until the power gets restored before you can grin your meat.
  • Additional Costs: Electric meat grinders come with additional costs. For example, they lead to higher power bills, and this can be very high if you grind large quantities of meat in a month. Also, in some cases on an electric meat grinder, meat ground can’t reach enough satisfactory level as expected.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the core benefit of using a manual meat grinder? Manual meat grinders have the ability to process a bulk amount of meat slices within a short period of time and without pushing a lot of energy. It's easy to use & clean properly.

How can I choose the right manual meat grinder for me? It actually depends on your needs. There are some strongly durable and multi-functional manual grinders that are made of stainless steel. You can find them extremely useful. Besides, if you want a grinder to carry anywhere with having all the features, check out the list of our best manual meat grinders where we have talked about some of the best high-quality & food-grade plastic made grinders.

Can I grind anything with a manual meat grinder? Not actually. It depends on the capability of the grinders. Some strong manual grinders may also grind chicken bones and fat meat. You can check the list again to learn about some of them.

Where can I find the best manual meat grinder? You can find it after applying all the evaluation steps we’ve talked about in the buyer guide. Besides, all the manual grinders we brought in this guide are the best among the others.

How much price should I pay for a manual meat grinder? Standard manual grinders would cost you around $20 to $80. But it’s always better to consider the features & benefits more than the price.

How long does a manual meat grinder last? A well-maintained grinder can last for years if you consistently maintain it after use.


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