Top 4 Best Electric Fillet Knife Reviews

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Some prefer the old school way of filleting fish but others adapt and take advantage of what technology has got to offer. While there’s no right or wrong way to go about filleting fish, if you live a busy lifestyle or don’t have time to go through the usual time-consuming process on how to go about it then maybe one of the best electric fillet knives is what you’ve been looking for.

There are tons of advantages that we can get from using and that’s going to be a part of our discussion in this article. And at the same time, rest assured that this innovation is going to impact your fish or meat preparation significantly. Read on ahead if you want to know more about it.

What is a Fillet Knive Used for?

In essence, a fillet knife is a kitchen knife and oftentimes part of a knife set and the boning knife family that’s primarily used for filleting fish. Its primary characteristic is that it gives great control to the wielder plus aid when filleting.

It’s one of the most flexible members of what you’re familiar with as the boning knife family. These knives are usually 6 to 11 inches long. Its size, flexibility, and design enable you to navigate and almost flawlessly move along the backbone or under the kin meat of fish or maybe other meat ingredients.

Benefits of Using Fillet Knife:

Saving strength from the unnecessary effort, making the most out of your catch, and also saving time are the core benefits of employing a fillet knife. Imagine you just came back from fishing and you want to prepare and fillet your catch as soon as possible. Of course, you might be a bit tired and fishing may have taken some time. With a fillet knife, you can cut through the meat and skin not just flawlessly but with less effort.

Also, you get to keep most of the meat from your fish and not inefficiently prepare it and cut to waste parts of it due to the effectiveness of the design of fillet knives. Because of all of this then you get to save enough time. So that’s more for the actual cooking than the preparation filleting usually requires.

Is Electric Knife Any Good?

Imagine all of the benefits that a standard fillet knife brings then multiply that three-folds. That’s what an electric fillet knife brings to the table and should you decide to get the best ones i.e. the models we listed below then you are in for a treat.

The first thing you’d probably notice once you check them out is how they are mostly even cheaper than or just as affordable as standard fillet knives. Well, that’s because admittedly there is certain craftsmanship to these standard non-electric fillet knives plus if you are going to buy some of the top brands then it’s really going to be expensive.

But do take note that this is what technology does. They make everything more accessible and easier for people who otherwise can’t get a hold of a good quality tool, especially for the kitchen. Electric fillet knives are precise tools and will make your time in the kitchen super easier, convenient, and fun.

Fillet Knife vs Boning Knife- Which One Worthy?

We can’t end this section without discussing some of the main differences between a boning knife and a fillet knife. As we mentioned, the fillet knife is part of the boning knife family, so what does it do differently and vice versa?

Well, you’re right to ask this as the boning and fillet knives are most of the time used interchangeably. But their differences may lie on certain limitations. Mostly, boning knives are used for all sorts of meat. Beef, lamb, pork, chicken, fish, and many others. Fillet knives, on the other hand, are mostly used for fish. They are both very flexible, smaller/slender in size than most in the knife set, and both versatile.

Top 4 Best Electric Fillet Knife Review


1. Cuisinart Cek 40 Electric Knife Review

Cuisinart Cek 40 Electric Knife


The first entry on our best electric fillet knife review is no other than the Cuisinart CEK-40 Electric Knife. Cuisinart has always been known as a top brand when it comes to kitchen tools and appliances and now you may take it outdoors with this awesome electric knife set.

This set comes with not just one but two high-quality stainless steel blades that are meant to carve and slice all sorts of meat, especially fish, and also bread. It comes with a butcher block that will hold all of the pieces together safely when everything including the motor is not in use.

The handle itself is designed with a one-touch pressure-activated trigger that’s going to turn it on and off plus it is ergonomically designed. This is to ensure that it won’t ever slip from your hands even in the most challenging conditions. Plus the handle also features a safety lock.

This fish fillet knife is meant for carving your way through that fatty fish at home rather than in a boat for it is corded. The rubberized motor housing is safe to use and safe for you no matter what the situation may be.

The two sets of reliable blades would give you much-needed versatility so no matter what you need to prepare freshly caught fish or not then you are up for the task. The butcher block is super durable and neatly designed and will surely blend right in your kitchen’s aesthetics.

The components of this electric knife set will be neatly and securely in place. With this set though, you aren’t only getting an electric knife but also a sharpener that’s going to be conveniently available for you whenever your blades need some tune-up. The company offers a good warranty deal for this product and you will definitely love it. Great start to our list, right? We think so too.


  • Super ergonomic handle delivers as advertised
  • Versatile blades for all food preparations
  • A complete set
  • Storage block is super convenient
  • The safety lock feature is a great add-on
  • The cord can use a bit more length


What Do People Say About This Cuisinart?
This electric fish fillet knife is also killing it in the ratings online. In Amazon, it currently holds 4.5 out of 5 stars out of 4500+ reviews. 3 out of 4 customers love it and we think you will do too.

People are saying that when it comes to power this knife should be on top of any list. You won’t have any problems when it comes to durability nor quality or maybe even longevity. The only other common complaint we saw in our research is that it’s a bit noisy. Well, it is, but it didn’t bother us as much when we tried it. Overall, this is one great deal!


2. Black and Decker EK700 Electric Carving Knife

Black and Decker EK700 Electric Carving Knife


The next best electric fillet knife on our list is the prestigious Black & Decker EK 700 Slice Right Electric Knife. Slice right is the right name for this product indeed! If you want precision, comfort, and ease of use with a little bit of cool aesthetics on your mind for your next electric fillet knife then this should be the product for you.

This electric knife is armed with a 9 inch serrated stainless steel blade that’s going to go through any fish meat smoothly and with ease. It can also easily handle all sorts of meat and of course, bread and a lot more.

The blade’s anatomy consists of 7 and a half inches of serrated edge and then 1 and a half of tang before the handle that can take on any carving task. The grip is ergonomic and has a non-slip design meant for usage on any condition. It is meant for comfort as well as precise control when you are slicing and cutting.

Take note, that the removable blade is dishwasher safe so cleanup and maintenance will also be fast and easy. This model also features a safety lock button which will prevent the knife from turning on while it’s plugged in. It also comes with a blade release button for easy dismantling when needed. This stylish electric knife is versatile and will look good for your kitchen.


  • Very comfortable grip
  • Good to have a safety lock feature
  • Very strong blade
  • Sleek design
  • Non-slip tabs
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Cuts easily through anything
  • The safety button can get stuck sometimes
  • A bit pricey for a standalone electric knife


What Do People Say About Black and Decker EK700?
This model is of course also enjoying great reviews online. On Amazon, with over 3500+ reviews it stands at 4.5 out of 5 stars too with over 70% 5-star ratings. People love how it cuts through anything and how easy it is to use and maintain.


3. Hamilton Beach Electric Knife Blades

Hamilton Beach Electric Knife Blades


From one affordable model to another, let’s jump right into the Hamilton Beach Electric Knife. But this one is not an underdog and is very well-known. It’s one of those knives you’ll see in a lot of best electric fillet knife reviews. And trust us, it’s well-deserved.

This model is as usual perfect for any meats and bread. It will just carve right through with ease and precision. This model is also great for carving that turkey comes Thanksgiving so be sure to have it handy by then.

You’ll not just a durable stainless steel blade but also a fork to assist you while you prepare that fish fillet. Same as with our previous model as they have a lot of stuff in common, this one is also infused with a reciprocating serrated blade.

The handle is designed to perfectly fit anyone’s hands and is non-slip. They are very comfortable to hold, yes they are. Just the right weight, not a lot of noise, and sleekly designed grayish white. It comes with storage space and it’s a perfect electric knife to serve as a foam cutter too which makes it more versatile, suitable for that next DIY project.


  • Very versatile electric knife
  • Easy and comfortable to handle
  • Great value for money
  • Strong blade
  • Precise cuts and slices
  • Has had some cases of overheating


What Do People Say About Hamilton Beach?
This one enjoys fantastic reviews online too, well this isn’t the best electric fillet knife for no reason. People just love how it’s so precise when cutting or slicing and that it’s perfect for that Thanks giving turkey.


4. Toastmaster Electric Carving Knife 6102

Toastmaster Electric Carving Knife 6102


The last entry on our best electric fillet knife review is the ergonomic Toastmaster Electric Carving Knife. This neatly designed and smaller electric knife is probably the perfect knife for filleting fish from our list.
As they say, this one is small but tough. We observed that this model is great for fish types with tough meat. So if you’re someone who reels in a lot of those kinds of fishes then this is for you.
Super handy, comfortable, and durable blade. It’s convenient to use too with its easy eject button that gets the blade ready for a cleanup. You can take it with you anywhere you go, it’s a space saver.
Give this a shot!


  • Durable and reliable stainless steel blade
  • Precise cutting and no jamming
  • The handle is so ergonomic and comfortable to wield
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Good price point
  • Blade length could use a bit of boost


What Do People Say About Toastmaster 6102 Knife?
While not so popular compared to most of the electric knives on our list, this model has garnered a lot of good reviews all-around and not just from us. That’s why it deserves its place here. While yeah, people wish that it’s 9 inches long, it’s still a great performing knife and a must-try.


Electric Fillet Knife Buying Guides

Here are some of the top aspects that one should watch out for when shopping for the best electric fillet knife.

Power Source:

The first thing you have to decide for is whether you’ll need a cordless or a corded electric fillet knife. These two types may have clear advantages and disadvantages over the other so choose wisely. It will pretty much be the same with all tools or appliances that have corded and cordless varieties.

If you’re out fishing all day and want instant access to an electric fillet knife then a good cordless type may be to your liking. These lithium-ion powered electric knives last for a good amount of time say 90 minutes on average.

It’s portable, it’s reliable, and it will come in handy for sure. The downside to this is sometimes 90 minutes ain’t really enough and as the battery drains, the motor’s ability the get the blade going plus its cutting and slicing strength diminishes and may result in a poor quality of work.

On the other hand, a good reliable corded electric knife is sure to get going whenever you’d need it. Its limitations are obvious but you’re assured that a corded variety will deliver quality cuts and slices almost always. Power cord lengths can come between 7 to 10 inches or even longer.


Since the blade of any knife is its essence then we need to consider a few things for it when we buy one. You need to take note of its edge, size or length, material, and lastly, its thickness or in the case of a fillet knife its flexibility.

While mostly fillet knife blades are already flexible due to its narrow design, it is important to take note that that property should be in parallel to its durability and toughness. That’s why they say that even your boning or fillet knife should be reasonably light or heavy because that tells us a lot about the material used for it. Sometimes, if it is too light or flexible then it might not durable or it is made out of cheap material. And you don’t want that for these knives are supposed to be our go-to buddy for carving that meat or in this case our prized catch fish.

Let’s talk about the edge of your electric fillet knife. You will two choices, plain and serrated. Remember that electric fillet knives with plain edges are perfect for smaller and fatty fishes like salmon or trout for they won’t destroy or tear up any meat.

Serrated blades are better for fish with tougher meat like your mahi-mahi, swordfish, or tuna and it will get your job done quicker for sure. But as mentioned above, depending on the toughness of the meat it’s up against, it may tear up some part of the fish meat.

The average blade size or length would be 7.5 inches. A smaller or shorter length for the blade is perfect for cutting or slicing bigger and tougher fish. While a longer blade would be perfect for carving a lot of smaller fishes.

As for the material of the blade, a lot of the models for electric fillet knives come in stainless steel. They are flexible, strong, and most of all rust or corrosion-resistant. Some types of steels though used for these types of knives come in a variation of either titanium or carbon coating.

Lastly, the flexibility or thickness of your blade. Just take note that a thicker blade is great with tougher fish and the more flexible or thinner blade is great with smaller fatty fish.


The handles’ function is simple and straightforward. It’s the base of your knife and not only holds the blade but some other specific functionalities too like the charging port and the battery for cordless ones.

The only thing that you have to remember for electric knife handles is that it must rugged and comfortable and can be made of non-slip material. Some models are made with cheap plastic or material that you will easily let you once it gets slippery or the meat you’re cutting is too tough.

Stay away from those and only get the ones with premium grip handles. It should be made with good plastic or rubber.

Accessories and other Features

Aside from a cordless model’s charger, some accessories that you’d want for your electric knife would be a nice portable sheath that would protect it and a sharpener. Fillet knives in particular are so easy to blunt due to its narrow design and flexibility so they will need some regular sharpening and a good sheath for protection. Also, a plain blade needs more sharpening than a serrated one.

You should also look into electric knives with safety features. Go get the ones with a blade lock mechanism which means that the blade will lock in place when it is not being utilized. And also a quick-release blade to avoid any hang-ups.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Can you tell me more about electric knives in general?

Answer: Electric knives are utilized to cut a variety of foods. But they’re generally great at cutting meat and bread. Also, it is important to take note that electric knives may not be very suitable for extremely tough cuts for meat as well as soft foods like tomato, these are your perfect companion for slicing as well as dicing anglers’ catch. That’s why they are meant to be used on fish.

With a variety of sizes and blades making sure to accommodate a lot of your needs. Fillet knives are best for carving meat, filleting fish, or slicing that loaf of bread. Typically they are come with interchangeable blades making them more versatile.

Question: Any tips on how to use electric knives?

Answer: Well, the first thing that you have to remember is that since you brought an electric knife then expect that it’s going to do most of the job for you. The trick is not to force the blade and just guide it. Let the electric knife do the heavy lifting.

With your standard knife you ten to push and draw the blade onto your meat so that instinct might be hard to shake off. But when you are using an electric knife, while it’s something to get used to, things will be a lot simpler and easier. There will also be significantly less strain on you.

Question: How do I keep my electric fillet knife sharp all the time?

Answer: Like with any knife on your set, you’re going to need to regularly sharpen even the best electric fillet knife to always keep it sharp and efficient. And, it’s not that hard to do either. What we just recommend for you to have is a block knife sharpener.

This is a sharpener that’s specifically made for electric knives and it won’t let you down. Just turn your electric knife on, roll it back and forth right in the middle of the sharpener to get the vibrating pins.

The block knife sharpener itself is an affordable and very versatile tool that you may use for your scissors or serrated knives.

Question: Any safety tips that we need to know about?

Answer: Electric knives have certain safety features in place but even with those if we don’t try to be careful with handling them then we are bound to hurt ourselves. Armed with a motor and a sharp blade, one should wield it with comfort and a good grip.

Make sure to be comfortable with the weight of the electric knife before moving forward to tougher cutting and slicing. Also, please do watch out for grease and any slippery substances that might cause you to accidentally let go of the blade and might fall on your foot or hurt your hand. This is essentially a sonic blade and it can deal with some injury if we’re not careful.

Question: What is usually part of a kitchen knife set?

Answer: The knives included in a kitchen or chef’s knife set varies. It would depend on their technique, the nature of their restaurant (the food they cook), or the chef’s personal preference. While we say, boning and fillet knives are always needed in the kitchen because they are 3 essential tools that need every chef.

We’re talking about the Chef’s knife, paring knife, and a serrated knife.

Question: What are the best types of fish to fillet?

Answer: Salmon, lake trout, or even mackerel are only some of the best kinds of fish that you may fillet and can easily do so with one of the best electric fillet knives we have listed above. These fishes are usually high on fatty content so with an electric knife fillet you can easily navigate your way around that and not waste any meat. Tuna, walleye, and mahi-mahi are also very good candidates for your next fillet dish.

Question: What are the parts of an electric fillet knife?

Answer: As mentioned above, there are two types of electric knives in general, the cordless and the corded one. So the only difference in terms of parts would then be the lithium-ion battery and the charging port for the cordless one plus possibly the light indicator.

The rest of the parts of an electric knife would then include its grip or handle, an ergonomic trigger, and the blade preferably with some sort of coating. Some designs also include an airflow by the end of the handle.

Final Thoughts

These best electric fillet knives may not be up to par to high-end knives in terms of blade quality but they are quite ahead when it comes to comfort, convenience, and ease of use. If you train yourself enough, you’ll get used to it sooner or later. And it’ll be the perfect assistant for your fish filleting needs.

Imagine the time and the effort you’d save once you start using one of these. Now, you will have more time catching fish or actually eating it in relaxation later on rather than still preparing it in the kitchen, especially if you have guests waiting for your menu.

So stay in the know, and harness what technology may bring to your table, literally and figuratively.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Top 4 Best Electric Fillet Knife Reviews
Top 4 Best Electric Fillet Knife Reviews
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