• What is a Boning Knife Used For

    What is a Boning Knife Used For (Meat, Fruit & What Else?)

    Knives come in all shapes and sizes. For those who are not familiar with what goes on in the kitchen of a restaurant, your food is prepared by chefs using a variety of tools. And for chefs, their knife set is like the rifle they bring to battle. A boning knife is a part of a knife set and if you’re curious about what it does and what it’s all about then you’ve come to the right place, or should we say article. We’ve gathered a few interesting facts on what a boning knife is used for, and everything that comes in between. Let the chopping begin! What is a…

  • How to Clean Meat Slicer

    How to Clean Meat Slicer And Sanitize it Properly?

    Meat slicers are common in groceries, delis, restaurants, and just about in any place where there’s food being sold, prepared, or processed. Given that it handles food then it is only necessary that we observe proper ways and routines to clean them. There are standards on how one should maintain their meat slicers and that’s going to be part of our discussion in this article. So, where do you start on how to clean meat slicer? While the process is fairly simple and easy to understand it can get a bit dangerous BUT only if you are A) careless and don’t do it the right way, and B) if you…